Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE, 32 weeks &4days...thankful

On the last day of 2011....

I wake up to two squirming babies...and my husband sleeping quietly on the 'couch' in labor&delivery for the 13th day in a row.....and as difficult as theses days have been...

Being away from Laila, missing Christmas totally, spending a total of 33 days on strict bed rest ...19 of which have been in hospital...

I find myself thankful....

Thankful that Laila has handled this like a champ...
Thankful Justin has a job that allows him to be here with me( remind me of this when he is so busy I never see him come summer and I have two babies to care for)...
Thankful to still have a great big ole belly full of growing babies...
Thankful my health is good despite the bed rest and medications I've had to take...
Thankful for loving supportive families that Justin and I have....
Thankful for all of God's blessings...

I hope everyone else is as thankful for the things they have bu most importantly the life they are blessed with. As the clock strikes midnight tonight and 2011 is gone and 2012 arrives...I'm not certain if I'll still have two blessings growing in my tummy...but I sure hope so.... No matter what, I'm going to be thankful for ALL the prayers we have received and blessings our family has witnessed this year!

Here is to a Happy New Year and a bright 2012 to come!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

And another day in the books...

Well last night I slept like a champion....didn
T take any of that horrible morphine thnk goodness for contractions....took a sleeping pill instead prwscribed by doc...I slept from 9:30-8/20 this morning. My nurse only had to wake me up once to empty my bladder bcauase I had 6 cntx that hour...

I must admit I woke up feeling crummy! Nose has been sooo stopped up for last few days...I has cried of and on two days and o chalked it up to that...but I haven't cried since yesterday afternoon and generally didn't understnd why I was feeling so crummy!!! Justin woke sniffling and I still had the headache I was certain would go away once I rested....then it hit me.....

3 days ago we got these beautiful flowers from the women's association that's affiliated with my husband line of work.....they were beautiful...and fragrant...a-HA! When I woke feeling especially crummy after another two hour nap this morning.....I sat up to eat lunch feling nauseated , miserable, stopped up, headache...I told my husband.....take those flowers to the hallway!! Literally in 15 minutes my nose began running, mynhead clearer....and now I can honestly say I am feeling great know as great as a woman whose belly is taking over her body slowly....

I'm thankful it appears we are putting another day down...and I'm hopeful that we might just get 2012 babies!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And another day in the books...

Still boring posts without photos...but I'm electronicallynvhallanged among mobility challenged.

We Made it another 24 hours without being delivered.....

Twins had an active night.
Their tracing looked good on the monitor and
I finally rested some after I took a sleeping pill.

Waiting on doctor. Come right now.

As well as my nurse with some more pain meds...I'm nearbannoyed stage!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A milestone....

32 weeks!!! For so long I've held onto hope that I would just make it to 32 I'm here....and we are thankful to god that we are...BUT now that I'm here....I find myself praying for more....

So here are stats...

Currently 32 weeks.
Holding by his grace at 3 cm /90%
baby boy still very low and determined to be first to meet us.
Today's US weights
Baby boy 3 lbs 15 oz
Baby girl 4 lbs 1 oz
They have received their two doses of steroids
I'm still on praocardia every 4 hrs
But today is last day that dr B is willing to let me continue brethine on top of the Procardia....he says that the risk for pulmonary edema for me is too high...he says that at this point with twins it would likelynjustbtake one dose and I could have full blown pulmonary edema.
Sooo, now we have to wait, and pray.
I plan to set a new rcors for how many days one woman can go without washing my hair, at this point. That isn't something that I want to stirs too much uterine activity....last stretch was 8 days!!! Yikes! And I would now say that I'd gladly go 8 or more days wihtout washing my hair if I could get 8 ,ore days with these precious babies in my tummy!!!!!

For now....waiting. Praying and after a big ole' cry as I accept the reality that this is sooo far from my control ....I am attempting to let go of the me of this and placing my sweet babies back into God's hands...because they have long sense been far too heavy for me to carry!

Until then...

Friday, December 23, 2011

31 weeks and counting

Well still hanging in there, but still in hospital!

Today I'm 31 and 4 days....right now hoping I'll hold 32 weeks at least.

Hope everyone has crest christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In hospital again....

short post. Came in on Monday 30.6 days. Been on magnesium. Eventually calmed my uterus we wait and watch and pray....

So if you r just stopping by my blog today....I feel certain that iris because god led you here and I hope you take a moment and pray for ournsweet little ones!

God bless you and and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Life lately hasn't quite afforded me time sitting up at computer and doesn't today either. I was taking some time to take care of bill paying and thought I would see if these would upload quickly. If you are looking at worked!!! uploaded...i give.

Enjoy. There are only 445 more plus video but lord only knows if I can ever share!

we had blast and I am so glad we had that experience with our sweet Laila before the twins arrive!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's amazing

What a difference little hair color does for a girl on bed rest!

Still no pictures because for the life of me I cannot figure out how to post anything except web pics from iPad! For the must have device that the iPad's truly limited in functions.

Anyway. Yesterday I was plagued with contractions that started every time my Procardia was ended up sleeping all day from the pain meds....was convinced I would end up at doctor or hospital today. But so far everything seems much calmer today!

So today an old and dear friend who does my hair normally...came and put my highlights in my hair! Couple that with plucking my eyebrows....I almost feel human!

Here's to hopefully celebrating 30 weeks gestation of my sweet babies tomorrow...and praying for good report on Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm home...and made it to 29 weeks

We got to come home Sunday late afternoon. After finally having my meltdown....which I think was prompted by fear of coming home.

Don't get me wrong....I wanted to be home. It's just scary.

So far so good. We made it through first 24hrs. And actually they were lots smoother contraction wise than I anticipate.

According to dr b...right now, everyday I keep theses babies in my tummy....saves 3 in NICU! So at day 7 going on day 8 I've saved 21 days in NICU with these sweet babies!

Still no names....I'm almost afraid to name them. Cant have them thinking we r ready!

Today we are celebrating 29 weeks!!!! Woooohoooo! Last week I feared not making it. Now I'm looking forward to possibly making it 56 more days til full term!

Currently my activity level is laying on couch, laying in bed, and truly showering and washing hair every other day! For a girl who has always bathed twice a day minimum....this is huge...These sweet babies may never here the end of this. Ha

I'm actually holding up pretty good. Justin has taken over well. Mom and my mother in law are doing all that we ask and need to help and there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Trusting god is fully in control of how things go and he has provided so much so far, inhave full faith he will continue to provide!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hospital update

Today I'm 28 weeks 5 days. I've been in hospital for 5 days. And it looks like maybe, just maybe my angry little uterus has opted to settle itself least temporarily.

Dr b checked me today. And despitebthe contractions I've had cervix is holding....still 1cm/70% and very posterior! All positive considering the week we have had. I rested as every other day....strategically planned my taking a real shower timed with my medicines and even dried my hair in bed. With all that said.....procardia now on board at every 4 hours for going on 20 hours...seems to be helping.

The scary news yesterday of possibly needing to do amnio to check for the cause of this preterm labor is for time being taken off the table with cntx settling down. Sooooo IF all goes well tonight....he will consider letting me gomhome tomorrow...

Granted I can do no more than exactly I'm doing here....but I could see my sweet little girl's face.


It's hopefully going to be a long road ahead....
It's going to be diffiult...
But It will be worth it...

In 10 days I'll be 30 weeks
In 24 days I'll be 32 weeks!

Today I'm thankful for the heart beats I hear on the monitor.
A cervix that is holding despite contractions
And the hope that I will make it many more weeks and have fat healthy BOY and GIRL twins to bring home!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

In hospital ....28 weeks

Well this will be short post. Boring without pictures. I've been trying to take care of business around our house and keep up my rest feeling that a big slow down was headed my way withnthese twins....well boy did I underestimate!!!!

Had great trip to Disney....blessed with no complications . Rare contractions only.... And took meantime getting back into routine and rested.... Beginning Friday after thanksgiving I was noticing more contractions so I loaded fluids, and rested. Played it smart...and Saturday was pretty good day. Sunday evening saw more cntx and cautiously but went on into work money's...took very easy there...and Monday evening pretty resigned to needing a visit with my doc for reassurance was going to come before Thursday....took some of my tylenol #3 that evening to try and settle my angry uterus. Ultimately woke Tuesday with cntx without doing anything except moving from bed to couch with cup of I sent Laila to school with her daddy and i made the call to my doc. Luckily he was on call and told me to see him in th eoffice. I gathered a few items before leaving just in case I needed somone to pack them for me latte....really thinking I was just being myself an Dover preparing. I got dressed and headed the 1 hr. 15 minutes to his office. At office I arrived, hooked up to monitor an slow behold...cntx 3-5 minutes apart....still thinking it was just god slowing me down And letting me know I had arrived where i knew was coming.....but then he checked me....yep 1cm/70% effaced md one way ticket to labor and delivery. Alone bc I sent hubby on to his dentist appointment....telling him I was fine. I mAde the trip across out or to hospitl and that is where I have been since Tuesday around 11!

Lots of prayers answered....we have so far been able to stabilize for the most part and narrowly missed shaving to be transferred out to a level 3 far at least. Dr b didn't mix words or play. I've had magnesium and took looping time to settle my angry uterus down... Starting that on Tuesday evening and finally weaning down early morning hours Thursday....magnesium was difficult and taxing but in survived. Babies look good. Boy weighing in at 2# 7 oz. Girl weighing in at 2# 5 oz! Ohnyeah...never revealed that have I? Promise it's been on my listbof to do...but I've been busy trying to prep for what I knew was posting is all I have time for now.

Hopefully we will continue to settle....still having cntx every hr but so far they aren't changing mycervix....which means....we get to MAYBE go home cautiously on Saturday on pericardia by mouth.

So if you happen to read my ramblings....and you are a praying person....we sure could use all that we can get.....I'm 28 weeks 3 dys today and everyday that these tow monkey's stay in my tummy saves 3 in the NICU!!! According to doc.

I promise I'll try to post some exciting stuff in the coming weeks....Disney pics to come and more belly pics as they grow! But for time being check back and pass along to all of those you know and that love the lord!

We trust he is driving this bus and he is seeing through to healthy babies....preferably fat and ready to just be held, loved, and fed! God has been so good to us and saw us through a difficult pregnancy with contractions with's to doing it one more time. This road ian't easy but necessary And part of my story! It's all about the little things of my life...

Laila update....she's a strong big sis and is hanging with the grands and at school today likely telling all about mommy's special nbraxelets she studied while she was here yesterday and my IV...but if I'm lucky....hopefully she has forgotten all about dear old mom and just being 4!!! And playing her heart content!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why have I been missing in action?

I am busy growing a baby...oh yea...make that TWO!!!

And trying to still be super mom to my 4 year old. Loving wife. Nurse Practitioner. Daughter, friend...etc. Preparing for Disney vacation that I catch waaay too much flack about and preparing for the upcoming holiday seasons.

I have some AWESOME pictures of all that Laila has been up to and next time I can park in front of our home will see them.

for now..some bad iphone progression pics to show the growth of these two.

this was taken at 23 weeks 3 days after my last doctor's appointment by my good friend Heather(her iphone is newer than mine :)....yes I have bad...been fixed and not brushed all day hair . Baby A..measuring in at 1 lb 7 ounces. Baby B measuring in at 1 lb 5 ounces.

Here is this morning 25 weeks 1 day. Next visit is this Friday where we will have first fetal fibrinectin test and this determines whether I go to Disney or cry about not being able. I have good feelings that I will go and I have already rented my scooter- yes like a hover round.....but even better....Ha....'The Snap'!!!

I am growing at alarming rates these days and I get everything are not big at WOW you aren't going to make it until February. This time around. Doesn't bother me at all. It is what it is. Doc says I am doing fantastic and I have two healthy, growing, thriving babies. We will TAKE it!

Thats all for now!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Over the "Hump week"

Here I am ready for work at 20 weeks 6 days. (Yes I am aware that my hair must be highlighted ASAP. On the to dos for the week)

And for fun a side by side comparison of 19 weeks and '21 weeks'

I certainly feel like I have grown and I think that finally my size is showing more truly in pictures.

It is getting more and more difficult to carry these babies and I still have a long ways to go. I remember planning this pregnancy and planning for the difficult days that would likely come. And then finding out it was TWO...and it wasn't the pregnancy complications that first came to mind. It was the cost, the time, the how will we do it? questions that first day. And as I settled into this. I became increasingly more aware of just how difficult this pregnancy could be. With my history of preterm contractions. I knew it would come earlier, I knew I would have to be extra careful, I knew all of this. BUT living it and knowing and preparing are very different.

So just in case someone is reading that isn't my family.....know this. I am not complaining. I know this is God's plan for me. I knew that a second pregnancy was going to be just as challenging if not more, etc...

but of lately...I have noticed...

1. rapid weight gain which began at the 19 week mark (until then I only gained little over a lb/week). I am still within range but I don't like the scales lately.
However, this coincides with what appears to be big growth with babies. Next measurements will tell us more though.
2. daily contractions. Thankfully rest keeps them to a minimum and mild....but that means I spend most everyday sitting for a LARGE majority OR I PAY FOR IT!
3. A miserable right upper quadrant pain( pain under right breast) it is a muscle cramp, but I cannot for the life of me figure out WHAT and WHY I have it. Plan to discuss with Dr B on Wednesday this week.

and one more things....what the babies are....well the Perinatolgist told us one thing then my regular US girl (who has now scanned my 3 times- still believes that they are different from what the specialist told us) and so I have not made that post. Hopefully this next US can clarify this mystery up for us and we can start working on names.

For now, they are just baby A and baby B.

The thing I was waiting on was a prenatal cradle. I will post about it and hopefully get a photo up soon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I'm waiting on....

Well I cannot figure out picture posting on the iPad! But I'm waiting on the best prenatal cradle. My doctor suggested I get one. It will be here tomorrow, sonlord will help with this weight of my belly thus back strain that leads to cramping!

I'll be sure to post a picture once i get it. Especially if it works....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

So I'm waiting on this to come in...

Well I cannot figure out picture posting on the iPad! But I'm waiting on the best prenatal cradle. My doctor suggested I get one. It will be here tomorrow, sonlord will help with this weight of my belly thus back strain that leads to cramping!

I'll be sure to post a picture once i get it. Especially if it works....


Friday, September 30, 2011


Who knew that pregnancy could render it impossible to sleep?????

I mean what about the good ole days when I was pregnant with Laila and I could literally sleep 24 hours and still be tired?

I get that I'm having twins and I need to get used to it.

I get that I may never sleep normally again.... I knew it would happen and still chose to get pregnant again....

So why oh why can't I sleep UNTIL they arrive!

Second night this week that I woke to use bathroom.... And end up wide awke at 2 am...

So tonight I'm doing something constructive and complaining rather than tossingand turning in misery!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

still back tracking....

12 weeks(prepregnancy jeans last outting)

15 weeks

18 weeks

today at 19 weeks 1 day
(what is up with the concentration face I am making?)

So I am sort of caught up on progression at this point. I am attempting to blog more and document this time of my life.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Twin progress- belly pictures

13 weeks- began noticing I was growing fast

EVERYONE noticing I am growing fast! 18 weeks

Well I began this post on Firday with good intent to finally add more pictures...I actually do have some....

So Friday I didn't feel the best and tried to make it through the day. Haven't been feeling well since I got that awful upper respiratory infection a few weeks back. So getting through the day has been a bit of a struggle and not being sure what to power through and what to sit down for. But Friday I figured out what the limit was.

I came home and rested. And around 8:15 or so it was clear that something was wrong. I was drinking more and more fluids in hopes that it would get better, but by 8:45 I knew I neded something more! So I called the doctor on call, she certainly didn't impress she recommended I go to armory hospital. So I ended up talking to the labor and delivery nurses trying to get in touch with the doctor on call there...let's just say.....I was less impressed with their attitude....which included telling me that my babies weren't even viable!!!!!! Like I didn't know that...and like it mattered to me. The whole idea of calling for help was to make it to and past the age of viability! So after I explained not wanting to talk to them and that I wanted to talk to the doctor on call. Finally dr w called me back and told me to go into Columbus, which is where I plan to deliver. I was NOT happy about how I had been out off by the new dr there but I needed someone to stop the contractions that were 2-3 minutes apart and painful. So after sill having to go through the emergency room and not getting to l&d til nearly midnight. At least they gave me an IV and some pain medicine to settle my very irritable uterus. I wasn't looking forward to seeing this doc come morning but feeling much beet that I wasn't progressing. Nurse checked me, and I was closed and very high! Whew! Good news.

5 am came and in came dr b! Whom had not impressed me the night before when she blew me off! But she actually must have realized she wasn't nice to me and that I wasn't impressed cause she spent like 45 minutes with me and even ordered an US that gave me a passing score with cervical length greater than 3 cm, which is prefect! So headed home we were. In time for Justin to make it to work...little late but didn't loose the day. So for now, I am restricted until we see the perinatologist tomorrow. I am really hpeful that he tells us we can start those progesterone injections and that can settle these contractions down.

For now, at least I know where my limits are, sort of. I am taking. It easy and have been since Friday night. But I truly had been trying to since I had gotten sick. Think that darn cold stared the whole thing. Maybe I can at least work for a while and make the Disney trip with Laila and Justin in novemeber. I realize that is asking a lot BUT I sure can hope!!!!!

For now....I will just sit and pray for healthy babies in about 19 more weeks!

Monday, September 12, 2011

So it's Monday....

And I'm at home sick!

Tomorrow I will be 17 weeks.

Wight gain right on track per recommendations at 17 lbs.

Nausea finally gone it seems and then the crud bug decided to find me.

I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back so lord willing I can take something besides water to help me function.

Just checked the babies heart beats because I haven't done that in a while. Baby on to and to the left(my left) was ranging 130-160... Very strong sounding. Bby on bottom and to my right was 140-150's as well. Definitely sure that they were diferent and didn't have trouble finding them.

Next appointment is end of the month and isnwhen we see the specialist.

Jusrtin getting ready to start digging. Which is ALWAYS a busy time of year for us! He is gone and comes in DIRTY! Laila will miss him more than she normally does during this time of year because they have been spending so much time together with me being sick!

So funny how they spend most all of their moments with them all their lives....daddies can spend just a short quality time with them....all of the sudden...they are superman and you are toast! But for the time being....I'm glad that her daddy has been able to do for her....cause I sure have not been able until recently!

How have all of you been? Anyone else ever seen maternal fetal specialist? How was it?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So what are the babies up to?

Well, I am just starting to feel pretty consistently HUMAN! These babies have sure thrown my life for a loop of recent. I started being sick at 6 1/2 weeks and today at 15 weeks...I am just now to the point that I respond that I am good without thinking....Will I regret that in an hour when this person sees me and I would prefer to crawl in a hole and NOT get up?

So I would say...maybe my few days of good with this pregnancy are in full swing. Which is much appreciated and I might just try to enjoy a few football games this fall and some nice cool weather for a little while....before we enter the third trimester which is likely to be at least a little trying at some point along the way.

Yesterday Laila and I saw this........

  1. She was overall very excited to go to see the babies with me....but it is QUITE different to look at an US of two babies verses just one! hard to focus and concentrate on any one thing....cause you are trying to take it all in.

    JeeJee(my sis in law) met us since she was just getting off work and took a peek at the babies too since Justin was working and didn't get to go to this US.

    The US chick, super sweet and always excited to see the babies. She asked if it would be ok if she looked to see 'what they were'? And I assured her that it would be ok with us. That we wanted Dr B to know. She explained that she would be able to follow them easier maybe if she knew what they were....aka if there is one of each. She was pretty sure before asking what the bottom baby was....which is baby A. And needed better look to be sure and still was only almost sure what Baby B(top baby) was.


    15 weeks today.

  2. weight gain- 14 pounds(which is 1 pound under recommended weight gain for twins given my prepreg weight. Just central to belly though for now.

  3. Appetite....What appetite? I eat often because I need to. Because I need a crap load of protein daily and water and generally calories, but I get very full FAST....It doesn't seem fair that I am finally eating for THREE people and I DON'T care about food. I used to go to bed saying...I am HUNGRY!!!! and not be able to eat and now I can eat and I CAN'T...I say to this....GOD...seriously!!???

  4. Exercise- 2 weeks ago I ran my last run until after babies....I finally found a pregnancy book "When you are expecting Twins, Triplets, and Quads- Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy"- that is when I realized...I wasn't in the ballpark of calories or nutrients I needed and i thought I was doing so great. Plus i realized that I couldn't afford to burn 300+ calories daily with I had some pelvic pain - NOT associated with running- but I just's twins...I am bowing out. So my last run was at 13 weeks and I ran 3 miles at 12 min pace and I felt GREAT! figured I best quit while ahead! I have considered resuming some stationary bike BUT I have read that using the large muscles of the body to sweating point isn't good because those muscles pull demand from blood circulation that really can't be afforded with i am just stuck to light arm weights to keep the jiggle away.

  5. SEX....of the babies....NOPE still not finding out.

There you have it....I am growing, babies are growing and both should be the size of an apple and I am feeling better. Sure hope it continues this way.

I see the perinatologist(a specialist for high risk moms who are pregnant) In Jackson on Sept 27th. Justin will go on that visit with me. I think that we will be having a detailed US due to the fact that Laila was IUGR(means she was only 5-13 which is small and I was 38 weeks- basically she was much smaller than other babies are at that gestation- and we never figured out why) AND I had preterm labor for 4months, and NOW it is TWINS. Dr B wants me to see him and get his thoughts on anything else that we can do to get them here at term or as closely as possible and healthy! then I see him two days later for my 'formal' US at their office.

That is what is going on at our house. Plus all the baby gear is out and I am going through all of my stuff from Laila and deciphering what I am going to need for the new kids on the block!

take care and i hope are all doing well!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exercise during pregnancy

In hopes to pick things up back to at least the 3 days a week I was getting....I am putting my runs down. I hope to post more often than I have.


Treadmill warm up 5 minutes- ran 30 minutes @ 12 min/mile pace- then cooled down and stretched.

Tonight I hope to hit the treadmill when I get in even if only for a little while in hopes of getting on track again. WHile I can be active, I want to try to be- within reason of course.

Most days I feel so badly for neglecting my family becaue I have felt so bad....that I can't seem to bear hitting the tm for some selfish me I have missed some opportunities.

My Achilles is I hope that I can hit 4 times a week of activity for the next few months.

today ...I hope to run. It has been a day of on and off nausea that has been far more than it has I sure hope that it will get on out of the way today so I can sweat a little! and not just the i walked to my car sweat!

to be continued.......

Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, I haven't blogged much at all for a while and nothing for a full month.....that would be because we have news.....

news that has been nauseating and exciting all at the same time!

news that we have waited for....

news that is life changing...

news that prevents leading normal everyday life....


we are expecting baby #2...

Found out for Father's day.

Told our friends and family when I was about 7 weeks because i was so deathly sick...

Everythign continued and i was just waiting for my first Prenatal visit...which was last Thursday...July 28th.

Justin didn;t get to go because of work and we expected nothing but routine stuff.

Plus I have been feeling better most days...and only the worst in the evening hours. I had managed to still run 2-3 times a week, up until that past two weeks and that was due to just too many things going on plus sickness when I wasn't running....

So I go for US before the visit....only to be fully surprised by the fact that........

IT IS TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I handled the news good initially. I told my totally shocked husband...who was sort of prepared as he had commented recently that he thought that was why I was so sick.....but never in a million years did I think it was possible....I mean...other people have twins...not me! HA!

Well, it is so and I am almost 11 weeks(tomorrow is 11) with our 'SECOND' child.....just so happens it is going to be a 2 for 1!!!!!!!

Everyone is buzzing. Literally I never knew that anyone cared about my happenings....andI cannot go, hardware, grocery, gas station, local car a matter of 48 hours....I think the whole world of our little town and beyond had heard....WOW!

Anyway, first absorbing and telling everyone I did ok....but by 24 hours in....reality of what we were about to endure hit. I am not naive when it comes to knowing what can go wrong with labor and delivery and pregnancy of twins. Six years as a labor and delivery nurse....taught me all too well...WHAT TO BE AFRAID OF....and every bit of it sunk in and i cried and i cried and I cried Friday until i could not get myself together....

Saturday I awoke with...well, it is what it is. God doesn't make mistakes....and he gave us this blessing because he believes that we are up to the I had to get my BIG girl panties on and start preparing for what needs to be done....and that is....

PREPARING for TWO bundles of joy and taking excellent care of myself and keep these babies healthy.

So Saturday....I got up ate, researched double strollers, and did what all mothers who just found out they were expecting twins would do....

I hit the TREADMILL....for a slow....easy...but great sweat for 30 minutes of running. Last run was a week before and was 25 minutes. I set out to do 15....if my body felt great, babies were good. breathing was good....heart was I kept going and at 10 1/2 weeks for our twins.....I ran a 12 minute mile for 30 minutes and got off with a whole new attitude.....

Yes it will be hard
Yes I will likely cry a lot more
yes I will likely mourn the loss of my 'life' as I know it
yes I will be blessed beyond measure
And YES we will survive it!

So there you have it.....TWINS! Coming soon...February 2012!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Tangent!

Ok so I only have one thing i am going to gripe about.....

my running....well my lack of it! I have worked so hard to be able to run any distance that I desired on any given day.

  • i've ran smart

  • taken rest days

  • listened to my body

  • bought new shoes

  • took it easy when i would rather have gone for it

and where did all that smarts get me????

NOT running !!!!!! I am so frustrated that my durn heel/calf are NOT listening and cooperating. I know that it is just part of it. that everyone goes through hard times. I GET IT!!! but I am icing, resting, stretching 5+ times a day and holding for 1 minute each stretch.

And yet, I still have not gotten more than 2 work outs in in the last few weeks.

So, I know I need new shoes....apparently....ran without an insert and back to a week of rest and struggled out 15 smart minutes SAturday to not have run since....

So what will I do this weekend? Go the the special store and BUY new shoes...BUT my question do I know what shoes to buy this time. I wore worn out New Balance when I began running and NEVER had a problem.....then I had a last minute but tested purchase of Reebok running shoes....started having trouble at 6 month mark with them and got these Asics that have served me well....and since Double real running. I am am sad! I miss it, I miss my buddies that I run with. I miss that time. Dont' get me wrong, I am enjoying the sleeping in and not rising at 4 AM....but just 3 days a week....I yearned for that sleep deprivation and the endorphines that came with even a bad morning run!

I am stressed and tired and I know if I could jsut go for a outlook would be little better, even just for a little while!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's FINALLY Friday!

I seem to be saying this every week lately....I mean my life is so hectic and crazy I never posted pictures from Laila's graduation in May. Her Music at Easter...Her gymnastics recital...etc...she is so busy these days and she and I are constantly on the go. I just knew that it would slow down this summer when gymnastics was over for a few months and we didn't have to make that trip to Tupelo every week....but it never ends....when it slows down for a few minutes...something jumps in the vacant hole and here we go again.

My mother got stung by a VARMENT 2 weeks ago today and has been one sick cookie. She has seen more doctors and hospitals in the past two weeks than ever in her year combined I think. I hope and pray that she is on the mend and will be back to herself very soon. She is seeing a specialist about this allergic reaction thing next week and I am so glad. I sure want to do what is best to prevent this from ever happening to her again. She literally almost died and it was a terrifying thing...cause we went in for an unfortunate accident and nearly lost her. Scary stuff!

As for the remainder of our lives...they are just busy. birthday parties galore that never seem to end. trying to add in some summer fun and enjoy time as a family.....which seems impossible to score with our schedules and justin's work the way that it is this time of year !

Anyway, hope your summer is going great and for now....I suppose that I just have to keep mental memories of all we enjoy.....

do you ever find that you spend all of your time trying to capture the moments and end up missing some of the best stuff?

I have found this to be true so I have quit taking my camera everywhere I go and sometimes even leave my phone in the car and just focus on What we are doing! I find myself much less stressed...but with no pictures to hoard and promise to share but fail to ever do so!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So WHAT Wednesday....

So I am jumping on the band wagon of So What Wednesday... because it is so something I would do. Here goes:

So what......

  • if I didn't even take the time to 'borrow' the so what logo from one of the blogs I am copying because I barely have time to blog a second much less make it creative

  • if my house looks like toys are us vomitted and I have lots of company coming on Friday night for SIL, Jena's wedding, my Maid O, AKA life savor is being sweet and coming on Thrusday instead of Monday!

  • if I happened to grab the hubby's ankel socks this morning instead of mine, and when Laila pointed it out, I didn't bother to go get different ones

  • i may have gotten up at 6:17 am rather than 5:45 when the alarm went off or at 5 when it went off for me to go get on the stationary bike.....give me a break - my foot hurts from running 5 days in a row

  • if I know better than to run that many days without a rest day

  • if I have to wear 4.5 inch heels on Friday night and Saturday at the wedding events.....i carry rainbows(flip flops) in my purse :)

  • if I run my heater in my office everyday of the summer because it is 10 below in my office otherwise

ok that is all i have got.

On different greatest friend H from columbus is at the doctor right now, likely deliverying in the waiting room cause she has been having contractions all night- that she cannot talk thruogh and had three during a 25 minute morning conversation with me- and as she said....they aren't lasting that a minute or 2!!! that girl has some serious pain tolerance. Cause she also is 4-5 cm!!!! YEP.....and never really felt the contractions that got her there! Anyway, can't wait to meet this littel guy. We have only been waiting like 7 really they have tried nearly that long! We are ready to meet him! What a lucky kid to have such fantastic parents! He just doesn't know how lucky he is!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shut up and Run

Beth at SUAR is hosting a give away to be chosen on 5/15 for some champion gear. I am talking about it here so I can enter in a chance to win some more champion gear. I love their sports bras as well as my newest love C9 running skirt! It is my survival for summer running so far!

So be sure to stop by and check beth out at SUAR and read all her funny stories....

But don't bother entering since I have this one wrapped, especially if no one else chances go WAY up! right?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double Decker 10K 2011

Ok so i really stink at posting pictures. I get that. I do have some great ones of Laila recently and i will post them but it wil likely be weekend before I am great enough to make that reality. I spent FOREVER last night trying to connect my garmin to the computer and study on my stats...I have only had my watch since January when I was trying for NOLA half and never connected first things first y'all! Yes this IS how busy my life has become but rather than complain I just try to get so invovled in it that I don't realize just how inept I am at taking care of details!

So, yes the post at hand....

I ran...

We all ran....

I would say we all had great times. All the folks I work with did great and were also able to reach their goals...go co-workers...

My running buddies all had great showings...

and yes, you ask....just how did you do? thanks for asking...

I reached my goal....had PR and was smiling when I crossed the finish line. I followed my plan from beginning to end. Ran hard early and saved the slow miles for the hard ones and still had push at the end! Great plan and worked great! I didn't have negative splits but I didn;t plan to....that wasn;t my plan....since the beginning was down hill and I accel there...the middle was rolling and at a few spots UP HILL all the WAY! but it truly was doable and not lots harder than what we run daily! So there you go...'hardest 10K in MS'

finished strong in 59:17!! i will take it!!!!

All of the area ladies that ran either 5k or 10K
christie, kristy, raven(back), mande, lynn(back), susan, dedee(back), and me

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Workout FAIL...

please please please tell me that you too have these know...where you plan a run, you don't get to? You plan again, plan again and soemthing hurts????

Well that is where I am. I was planning for 6 miles in the hills on Saturday or Sunday in prep for this weekend's 10K in Oxford. I had really hoped for a good showing with times I was pleased with since I cannot run Gum Tree since it is the day of my sis in law's wedding. Well, this weekend a great time but a totally running fail.

I did manage to hit the road for a quick mile after work Friday, after a 5 miler Friday morning with the I wasn't too upset.

But Saturday was jam packed with egg hunting with my little one and just as we drove up at hubby was hooked up to the boat and little Laila was going to be left....he had already asked her to go fishing before we left on the she was that meant nap FAIL! but oh well, beautiful weather was a score!

Ended up having great time fishing with daddy and spending the day at some friends pond fishing...then ended up having a late night supper with lots of friends at one of their new houses and Laila was able to play with one of her buddies! Making memories is worth work out and nap fails!

But life crept in and reality set in that I was not going to be able to be present for easter bunny's arrival and watching Laila's face AND run that meant morning run was out....then as the day crept on...the reality that my foot was more than a little ailing and I aborted plan for a run at all!!!

Full speed ahead to plan for Monday morning.. Woke up, stretched and BAM....reality...plantar fascititis is in FULL swing and MAD at I texted the girls and bowed out.

SO this week's running has been plagued by ailing foot and this morning...bad weather!

But in good news the foot is enjoying the rest and hopefully it is all happening for a god reason and the showing I am able to put forth on Saturday will be a good one...learning to listen to your body and not what the mind wants..

plus trying to loose weight, I am just hopping on that good ole stationary bike that was donated by justin's grandmother when I destroyed my knee in 2008!! it is coming in very handy this week! Also forced me to do abs and arms and make up for missing my runs....

who knows....this might just turn out to be a work out sucess week...rather than THE FAIL that is feels like since there has been no running since the 6 total on FRiday!

Either way, I am registering today for Saturday's race and going out. I will finish the 6..also would not hurt to drive the route and see how I should plan to pace myself since I am fortunate to be able to do this....cause as I have been told...It is a KILLER!!!!!

I will be sure to update you all and own the goal would be less than 1 hour and 5 minutes given the hills....I would be pleased with this time....anything better than this...well that would be gravy....but just depends on the foot...if it feels good....I WILL push myself as hard as I can!!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

this week

this week has been yet another whirlwind of a week. complete with more wedding stuff but ended last week, celebrating with my friend sarah and her new hubby in eureka springs....laila and my friend's little boy W, had a great time but it was a loooong road trip, it was fun and I wasn't totally whipped when we rolled in on sunday which has likely be part of the trouble!!! because all week I have been wiped! I have slept through each and every morning run. i have been worn slap out! yesterday was long and hard as I had two students following me from ole miss and another high school student shadowing me....but that wasn't the hard part. when they were gone i got word from my mom that she had appointment set up with neurosurgeon for consult regarding her back....which also isn't rough part....but with that i realized in order to make eveyrthing happen, i needed to call this bridal place and ax my follow up dress fitting for my sis in law's bride's maid dres....thinking that this would be easy enough, i rang them up real quick and much to my wasn't easy, it was dreadful.....i will spare you the details, but i hate when you talk to someone and even though you are paying them well for their services, they seem to act like the rules or those similar to thou shalt not KILL, etc....and will not work iwth you!!!!!! UGH!! finally they agreed to free my dress without a court order to me the day beofre the said fitting and that way I can make the most of my time away from work and take care of all of my stuff while i am in tupelo and not spend countless more time on the road. then that solved and venting was done....dress solved and on to choir supper and the night....well i hopped out of my car at daycare to pick up priss and turn car off, which i never do but with gas so high and I was gong to change clothes myself as well as laila's for choir...i did...grab my bag and in the stall we go, i get my pants off and dig into the bag to discover my running clothes are in a DIFFERENT bag in the car and I cannot change! great,... but no big deal i wil change at choir when i drop her off.....get her changed and out the door. only for my car to not crank~!!!!!!!!!!! Major fail of a day. finally get husband on the phone and he calls a friend who is close by and he runs over to check it out. battery cable just loose, get me back on the road. over to the sonic i grab laila supper and still plan to shoot for choir...only for the reality that we always have time to kill between choir and school and I cannot turn my car I phone up choir teacher to see if we need to go and just be late...cause we must get home and let dear old husband fix the car! so I make the call...choir...cancelled... get home, to clean up the chocolate milk shake that laila spilled coming up the driveway and finally get to cleaning up etc....everyday stuff....we cook supper(meaning i get things together and justin cooks fish for us) and finally bath priss and get her almost ready to get in bed...after a little dora dose...and loawering myself into the bathtub husband says to me.....hey i think that W,a 'friend' is going to spend the night tomrorow night and go fishing iwht me on friday!!!! REALLY cause I was going to take a bath and watch grey's anatomy from LAST WEEK but now it appears I am going to clean the livign area of the house and get the two loads of clothes off of the extra bedroom bed!!!!!! Joy! I mean I love my life, and I love great events that we share with those closest to it....but there are so many great things happening that i am just a little o.v.e.r.w.h.e.l.m.e.d!!!!! but I guess that just means that i am overly blessed!!! Yesterday it was just a little harder to feel all the love... you ever have those days? on a positive note....laila's month long, crying for momma saga appears to have come to an end ...tuesday wednesday and today....NO crying when I left her. Actually this morning....I didn't even get a hug...isn't that strange! Oh well, I will take it and be ecstatic in it!!!!! Jennifer

Thursday, March 17, 2011

where oh where does the time go?

It seems as though all I post lately or EVER for that matter are catching up and then promises to catch up photos, etc. And I can't seem to get above water these days with blogging. I am good at lots, but not so great about blogging. Maybe if I got up at 4 AM when all was quiet and got online and posted...that would work....but all I can manage at 4 is to text my running buds, wait for anyone to reply so I am then accountable to get up and get dress and go running! I certainly don't see me getting up one second earlier and the days are already full and I go to bed with things left updone often, you know in order to get up..exercise...regain a little sanity and then get ready for the day.

I am certainly not complaining. I love my life. I don't always open-armed embrace the challenges and changes, but I love my life. I might enjoy like having a whole weekday off every now and then or hey, even weekly, but in reality that won't come until my child is grown and in college or soemthing like that! So for now, I just go with the flow, enjoy the moments and make promises about posting about it!

so what is going on now?

Weddings, weddings, oh yea, weddings, and then there are babies, babies, babies all around!

Some health scares with my daddy have had me all up in a tither for a while, but everything, THANK THE LORD, is checking out to be minor bumps and easy please pray this is how they continue to be as we get more and more test results back and continue to thank God yourselves daily of just how he blesses you! I know I sure do!

Back to weddings....

So my great friend SH from Jackson is getting hitched and is doing it in the fast..oh I bet there is a baby kind of way....but she isn't with the rest of my friends are it seems, but rather finally met him, they knew...and fast forward to me trying to keep up and catch up with her! And I will...a mere 7 hours from home at her wedding April 9th! Whew! SO excited for her and can't believe it is finally no matter the trip..not missing this one for anything on earth!

Then my baby sis-in-law is getting married on May 14th and there is SOOO much going on with that. Bachelorette party in Nashville this weekend, Lingerie shower at my house on april fools....or is it? JK...then church shower

then baby shower for our friends in Columbus but who are Cajun to the bone in mid-april...and what a joy it is to celebrate this precious baby's arrival!!

And somewhere in the mix, my newest nephew is going to make his arrival, mr Jack....something...A...and at the rate he is growing...well, he is in a hurry I am afraid, so it is a anytime game with this little man...

all the while...I am now on the mission to learn how to make a tutu flower girl dress, just in case, aunt jes decides to have a baby....and that has my feathers up in a tizz but I found a great site today with pics and I reserve the right to have fits, cry, and then ask for help if I can't do it alone....see I am NOT the creative one in any area I circulate...unless we like compare me to my husband and I think he might just me more creative than me! I am gene-less in that department!
not to mention it is supposed to look like this....sure hope Aunt jes is able to pull this one out for us!!!!!

and as I could seriously go on forever about all the joyful events that are upcoming and how the frequency adds a little can joyful such occassions make you sad or bring you down?

OR this for that matter?????
Laila loves to play dress up, and often times this just means...'summer clothes' which is fine and dandy when it isn't 12 degrees outside and she insists on wearing it to town or every other event....but especially interesting since she thinks that it is a great idea to wear last year's summer attire...and let's just isn't one of those years were late summer's clothes will 'FIT' for this spring's wardrobe...she has grown fast and LOTS of longer a baby...she is just a full out..KIDDO!

Anyway, hope you are all well and happy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A B C's of me!

A- Age: 32
B- Bed size: King
C-Chore i hate: putting clothes away
D- Dogs: yep- 2 labador retrievers, Lacy and Molly
E-Essential part of your day item: phone
F-Favorite color: actually I am loving all shades of greys..boring right?!
G-Gold or Siler: white gold, or platinum
H-Height: 5'6"
I-Instruments you play: I am not the musician- that is hubby- you name it, guitar, piano, banjo, harmonica, and dabbling in
J-Job: Nurse Practitioner
K-Kids: 1 girl!!
L-Live: new house in CC
M-Mom's name: june
N-Nicknames: Pooh, jenn
O-Overnight Hospital stays: 2
P-Pet peeve: someone being dishonest!
Q-Quote from movie: don't
R-Right or left handed: right
S-Siblings: one brother
T-Time you wake up: days I run...4 AM, otherwise about 5:45
U-Underwear: always v- secret
V-Vegetable you dislike: are beets a vegetable?
W-What makes you late: thinking I have more time than I do
X-Xrays you've had done : arm as a child
Y-Yummy food you make: Sausage cream cheese rotel, cornflake candy- lots of things
Z-Zoo animal favorite: No clue, I'd first say Giraffe because they can see everything!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rock and Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon Feb 13, 2011

I DID IT!!!! WE DID IT!!!! I ran 13.1 MILES!!!!

With my trusted running partner in crime, Raven, by my side until she decided to 'smoke' me in the last 2 miles! that skinny girl can run! We finished it.

No walking.

No stopping.

I crossed the finish line in a respectable 2 hours 31 minutes and 6 seconds!!!

First half marathon done, and I am happy to say it was a great experience. My foot gave me a little trouble, but I made it without having to stop and stretch it. We had fun. There were bands all along the way and sunshining skies!

My stats:

Pace 11:32 min/miles

6793 out of 10,272 overall

783 out of 1,255 'for my age'

3,796 out of 6527 'for a girl'

Not too bad. Or at least I am proud just to say.

I trained smart. I trained when I didn't feel like it. I even trained in sub 20 degree weather.

I finished without any walking.

And I was injury FREE!!!!!

All my goals met, and smiles on our faces!

And a special thank you for my sweet husband at the finish line waiting patiently on me to cross the line!!! Who would not run 13.1 miles to get to this hottie?

And our friends The Weeks for joining us in New Orleans and celebrating the weekend with us! It is always great to get away with friends and just enjoy one another's company....even if it is only for a little while. Thanks for supporting me always! It was a great Valentine's weekend!!

Here is a link to pictures from the race! and even a quick video of me crossing the finish line!