Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So what are the babies up to?

Well, I am just starting to feel pretty consistently HUMAN! These babies have sure thrown my life for a loop of recent. I started being sick at 6 1/2 weeks and today at 15 weeks...I am just now to the point that I respond that I am good without thinking....Will I regret that in an hour when this person sees me and I would prefer to crawl in a hole and NOT get up?

So I would say...maybe my few days of good with this pregnancy are in full swing. Which is much appreciated and I might just try to enjoy a few football games this fall and some nice cool weather for a little while....before we enter the third trimester which is likely to be at least a little trying at some point along the way.

Yesterday Laila and I saw this........

  1. She was overall very excited to go to see the babies with me....but it is QUITE different to look at an US of two babies verses just one! hard to focus and concentrate on any one thing....cause you are trying to take it all in.

    JeeJee(my sis in law) met us since she was just getting off work and took a peek at the babies too since Justin was working and didn't get to go to this US.

    The US chick, Angela....is super sweet and always excited to see the babies. She asked if it would be ok if she looked to see 'what they were'? And I assured her that it would be ok with us. That we wanted Dr B to know. She explained that she would be able to follow them easier maybe if she knew what they were....aka if there is one of each. She was pretty sure before asking what the bottom baby was....which is baby A. And needed better look to be sure and still was only almost sure what Baby B(top baby) was.


    15 weeks today.

  2. weight gain- 14 pounds(which is 1 pound under recommended weight gain for twins given my prepreg weight. Just central to belly though for now.

  3. Appetite....What appetite? I eat often because I need to. Because I need a crap load of protein daily and water and generally calories, but I get very full FAST....It doesn't seem fair that I am finally eating for THREE people and I DON'T care about food. I used to go to bed saying...I am HUNGRY!!!! and not be able to eat and now I can eat and I CAN'T...I say to this....GOD...seriously!!???

  4. Exercise- 2 weeks ago I ran my last run until after babies....I finally found a pregnancy book "When you are expecting Twins, Triplets, and Quads- Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy"- that is when I realized...I wasn't in the ballpark of calories or nutrients I needed and i thought I was doing so great. Plus i realized that I couldn't afford to burn 300+ calories daily with exercise....plus I had some pelvic pain - NOT associated with running- but I just decided....it's twins...I am bowing out. So my last run was at 13 weeks and I ran 3 miles at 12 min pace and I felt GREAT! figured I best quit while ahead! I have considered resuming some stationary bike BUT I have read that using the large muscles of the body to sweating point isn't good because those muscles pull demand from blood circulation that really can't be afforded with twins.....so i am just stuck to light arm weights to keep the jiggle away.

  5. SEX....of the babies....NOPE still not finding out.

There you have it....I am growing, babies are growing and both should be the size of an apple and I am feeling better. Sure hope it continues this way.

I see the perinatologist(a specialist for high risk moms who are pregnant) In Jackson on Sept 27th. Justin will go on that visit with me. I think that we will be having a detailed US due to the fact that Laila was IUGR(means she was only 5-13 which is small and I was 38 weeks- basically she was much smaller than other babies are at that gestation- and we never figured out why) AND I had preterm labor for 4months, and NOW it is TWINS. Dr B wants me to see him and get his thoughts on anything else that we can do to get them here at term or as closely as possible and healthy! then I see him two days later for my 'formal' US at their office.

That is what is going on at our house. Plus all the baby gear is out and I am going through all of my stuff from Laila and deciphering what I am going to need for the new kids on the block!

take care and i hope are all doing well!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exercise during pregnancy

In hopes to pick things up back to at least the 3 days a week I was getting....I am putting my runs down. I hope to post more often than I have.


Treadmill warm up 5 minutes- ran 30 minutes @ 12 min/mile pace- then cooled down and stretched.

Tonight I hope to hit the treadmill when I get in even if only for a little while in hopes of getting on track again. WHile I can be active, I want to try to be- within reason of course.

Most days I feel so badly for neglecting my family becaue I have felt so bad....that I can't seem to bear hitting the tm for some selfish me time...so I have missed some opportunities.

My Achilles is cooperating...so I hope that I can hit 4 times a week of activity for the next few months.

today ...I hope to run. It has been a day of on and off nausea that has been far more than it has recently...so I sure hope that it will get on out of the way today so I can sweat a little! and not just the i walked to my car sweat!

to be continued.......

Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, I haven't blogged much at all for a while and nothing for a full month.....that would be because we have news.....

news that has been nauseating and exciting all at the same time!

news that we have waited for....

news that is life changing...

news that prevents leading normal everyday life....


we are expecting baby #2...

Found out for Father's day.

Told our friends and family when I was about 7 weeks because i was so deathly sick...

Everythign continued and i was just waiting for my first Prenatal visit...which was last Thursday...July 28th.

Justin didn;t get to go because of work and we expected nothing but routine stuff.

Plus I have been feeling better most days...and only the worst in the evening hours. I had managed to still run 2-3 times a week, up until that past two weeks and that was due to just too many things going on plus sickness when I wasn't running....

So I go for US before the visit....only to be fully surprised by the fact that........

IT IS TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I handled the news good initially. I told my totally shocked husband...who was sort of prepared as he had commented recently that he thought that was why I was so sick.....but never in a million years did I think it was possible....I mean...other people have twins...not me! HA!

Well, it is so and I am almost 11 weeks(tomorrow is 11) with our 'SECOND' child.....just so happens it is going to be a 2 for 1!!!!!!!

Everyone is buzzing. Literally I never knew that anyone cared about my happenings....andI cannot go anywhere....church, hardware, grocery, gas station, local car lot.....in a matter of 48 hours....I think the whole world of our little town and beyond had heard....WOW!

Anyway, first absorbing and telling everyone I did ok....but by 24 hours in....reality of what we were about to endure hit. I am not naive when it comes to knowing what can go wrong with labor and delivery and pregnancy of twins. Six years as a labor and delivery nurse....taught me all too well...WHAT TO BE AFRAID OF....and every bit of it sunk in and i cried and i cried and I cried Friday until i could not get myself together....

Saturday I awoke with...well, it is what it is. God doesn't make mistakes....and he gave us this blessing because he believes that we are up to the challenge.....so I had to get my BIG girl panties on and start preparing for what needs to be done....and that is....

PREPARING for TWO bundles of joy and taking excellent care of myself and keep these babies healthy.

So Saturday....I got up ate, researched double strollers, and did what all mothers who just found out they were expecting twins would do....

I hit the TREADMILL....for a slow....easy...but great sweat for 30 minutes of running. Last run was a week before and was 25 minutes. I set out to do 15....if my body allowed....it felt great, babies were good. breathing was good....heart was good....so I kept going and at 10 1/2 weeks for our twins.....I ran a 12 minute mile for 30 minutes and got off with a whole new attitude.....

Yes it will be hard
Yes I will likely cry a lot more
yes I will likely mourn the loss of my 'life' as I know it
yes I will be blessed beyond measure
And YES we will survive it!

So there you have it.....TWINS! Coming soon...February 2012!!!!!!