Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Workout FAIL...

please please please tell me that you too have these weeks...you know...where you plan a run, you don't get to? You plan again, fail...you plan again and soemthing hurts????

Well that is where I am. I was planning for 6 miles in the hills on Saturday or Sunday in prep for this weekend's 10K in Oxford. I had really hoped for a good showing with times I was pleased with since I cannot run Gum Tree since it is the day of my sis in law's wedding. Well, this weekend a great time but a totally running fail.

I did manage to hit the road for a quick mile after work Friday, after a 5 miler Friday morning with the girls...so I wasn't too upset.

But Saturday was jam packed with egg hunting with my little one and just as we drove up at home....my hubby was hooked up to the boat and little Laila was going to be left....he had already asked her to go fishing before we left on the hunts...so she was READY...so that meant nap FAIL! but oh well, beautiful weather was a score!

Ended up having great time fishing with daddy and spending the day at some friends pond fishing...then ended up having a late night supper with lots of friends at one of their new houses and Laila was able to play with one of her buddies! Making memories is worth work out and nap fails!

But life crept in and reality set in that I was not going to be able to be present for easter bunny's arrival and watching Laila's face AND run too...so that meant morning run was out....then as the day crept on...the reality that my foot was more than a little ailing and I aborted plan for a run at all!!!

Full speed ahead to plan for Monday morning.. Woke up, stretched and BAM....reality...plantar fascititis is in FULL swing and MAD at me...so I texted the girls and bowed out.

SO this week's running has been plagued by ailing foot and this morning...bad weather!

But in good news the foot is enjoying the rest and hopefully it is all happening for a god reason and the showing I am able to put forth on Saturday will be a good one...learning to listen to your body and not what the mind wants..

plus trying to loose weight, I am just hopping on that good ole stationary bike that was donated by justin's grandmother when I destroyed my knee in 2008!! it is coming in very handy this week! Also forced me to do abs and arms and legs....so make up for missing my runs....

who knows....this might just turn out to be a work out sucess week...rather than THE FAIL that is feels like since there has been no running since the 6 total on FRiday!

Either way, I am registering today for Saturday's race and going out. I will finish the 6..also would not hurt to drive the route and see how I should plan to pace myself since I am fortunate to be able to do this....cause as I have been told...It is a KILLER!!!!!

I will be sure to update you all and own the time...my goal would be less than 1 hour and 5 minutes given the hills....I would be pleased with this time....anything better than this...well that would be gravy....but just depends on the foot...if it feels good....I WILL push myself as hard as I can!!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

this week

this week has been yet another whirlwind of a week. complete with more wedding stuff but ended last week, celebrating with my friend sarah and her new hubby in eureka springs....laila and my friend's little boy W, had a great time but it was a loooong road trip, it was fun and I wasn't totally whipped when we rolled in on sunday which has likely be part of the trouble!!! because all week I have been wiped! I have slept through each and every morning run. i have been worn slap out! yesterday was long and hard as I had two students following me from ole miss and another high school student shadowing me....but that wasn't the hard part. when they were gone i got word from my mom that she had appointment set up with neurosurgeon for consult regarding her back....which also isn't rough part....but with that i realized in order to make eveyrthing happen, i needed to call this bridal place and ax my follow up dress fitting for my sis in law's bride's maid dres....thinking that this would be easy enough, i rang them up real quick and much to my dismay..it wasn't easy, it was dreadful.....i will spare you the details, but i hate when you talk to someone and even though you are paying them well for their services, they seem to act like the rules or those similar to thou shalt not KILL, etc....and will not work iwth you!!!!!! UGH!! finally they agreed to free my dress without a court order to me the day beofre the said fitting and that way I can make the most of my time away from work and take care of all of my stuff while i am in tupelo and not spend countless more time on the road. then that solved and venting was done....dress solved and on to choir supper and the night....well i hopped out of my car at daycare to pick up priss and turn car off, which i never do but with gas so high and I was gong to change clothes myself as well as laila's for choir...i did...grab my bag and in the stall we go, i get my pants off and dig into the bag to discover my running clothes are in a DIFFERENT bag in the car and I cannot change! great,... but no big deal i wil change at choir when i drop her off.....get her changed and out the door. only for my car to not crank~!!!!!!!!!!! Major fail of a day. finally get husband on the phone and he calls a friend who is close by and he runs over to check it out. battery cable just loose, get me back on the road. over to the sonic i grab laila supper and still plan to shoot for choir...only for the reality that we always have time to kill between choir and school and I cannot turn my car off.....so I phone up choir teacher to see if we need to go and just be late...cause we must get home and let dear old husband fix the car! so I make the call...choir...cancelled... get home, to clean up the chocolate milk shake that laila spilled coming up the driveway and finally get to cleaning up etc....everyday stuff....we cook supper(meaning i get things together and justin cooks fish for us) and finally bath priss and get her almost ready to get in bed...after a little dora dose...and loawering myself into the bathtub husband says to me.....hey i think that W,a 'friend' is going to spend the night tomrorow night and go fishing iwht me on friday!!!! REALLY cause I was going to take a bath and watch grey's anatomy from LAST WEEK but now it appears I am going to clean the livign area of the house and get the two loads of clothes off of the extra bedroom bed!!!!!! Joy! I mean I love my life, and I love great events that we share with those closest to it....but there are so many great things happening that i am just a little o.v.e.r.w.h.e.l.m.e.d!!!!! but I guess that just means that i am overly blessed!!! Yesterday it was just a little harder to feel all the love... you ever have those days? on a positive note....laila's month long, crying for momma saga appears to have come to an end ...tuesday wednesday and today....NO crying when I left her. Actually this morning....I didn't even get a hug...isn't that strange! Oh well, I will take it and be ecstatic in it!!!!! Jennifer