Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have so many things to be thankful for....

I am sure that this will be an ongoing post, as I will post everything that comes to mind, mostly because of time...

so here it is...
Being saved by grace

My wonderful, just right for me, husband

My beautiful, smart and oh so fun daughter

All the rest of my family- immediate and extended

My job, the fact that I love it so much that..working even when so many are at home chilling out...that I am happy to be here!

My friends- so I have learned, those worth having...are there when you look like crap, feel like it too, and stand by you no matter what. they not only know you aren't perfect, but they also embrace your imperfections and stand by you anyway-

and for the time being....chocolate

yes I know that this is a random list but it also covers all most important cherished parts...I am sure there is lots more. But all I have time for at the moment!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sometimes..we just can't control it!

Do you ever have those days where...all is going well and you think that ...gosh...good day?

Just to end up doing something like this...

This is my neice, Emma Cate...she is a specially sweet baby girl...well not that she is a baby anymore...but until her baby brother or sister arrives, she is the baby of my husband's side of our family and so hence, baby girl!

Well this is her super sick...granted we don't have a picture of the lifeless version, whose cheeks were bright red and she wasn't breathing so great! but this IS her in the ER room on the stretcher...where she layed and waited all the tests, etc.
Which I must say she is a strong trooper! See, her momma is expecting her baby bro/sis and that meant that she could not go back with her for xrays....so it was tag...Aunt Jen you are it! I was a little worried that she would remember and dislike me...cause I am forever more looking at her ears or listening to her with my stethescope, etc....and with them living out of town...I am that lady with all the gagets and NOW I took her to the tourture device for xrays...yea....I was pumped to be that Aunt...but at the same time...proud that I could be there to comfort her in the absence of her momma....and guess what...SHE did awesome...no tourture device to hold Miss Emma still...
We had a old-school x-ray tech who offered to try just 'asking' emma to do it first....BIG thanks to this lady....I stood with emma and held her hands or hips or whatever it took and she was able to get every shot without her even crying..til the last one...where she had to lay down on the table...she was just scared I was going to leave her I think....but we shot it and then we were out of there! Plus the tech let me take a glance and see for myself that Emma was clear of pneumonia....but that was about all I was sure of! But certainly croup...there was no denying that!!! Whew...glad it is over and hope I see all smiles from my sweet Emma for a long while!

to back up:
So yesterday we started with Laila super excited to go watch Emma in her pageant....and ended the night here! She spiked a really high fever and I found myself...once again...hearing the words of my mother saying...

If you ever have a baby with the croup AND a high fever you take them to the HOSPITAL...and she was so right. Laila has never gotten to that point but Emma did! She had an axillary temperature of 102.8 and Aunt JeeJee and I both immediately decided that she needed a bath!! A cool one...scary when the babies get sick.

But either way, she is home and slept well after a whopper dose of steroids...so I suppose all is well that ends well! but sure was a little scary as we drove to the Emergency room!

So, how was your weekend? Mine....interesting!