Tuesday, July 27, 2010

simple pleasures

While i do not have a lot of time. I was looking for something earlier and crossed this picture of the girls from our beach trip in June....and with great intentions to blog about all of this and more...in good time.

This is one of my favorites. Just having them sitting down and quietly eating cookies listening to the waves- all clean and smelling good after fresh baths and still smelling a hint of 'sunscream' as Laila calls it! And boy I could go on and on about Laila-isms and how I hope she never stops saying stuff like that...

Ooooh, how I love summer, the beach, and my daughter...and an added bonus sharing with my neice Emma Cate.

this is simply stated... a simple pleasure of life! and what I look forward to daily...

Don't they look like angels?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Morning time"

The view from my front porch!

It is unlikely that most of you will be interested in this post. But something I intend to do is to convert my blog into a memory book and this is something I enjoy more than words and wanted to speak about. For many reasons...

Our house has been a looooong dream that just recently came a reality. We spent years thinking, planning, and re-planning. Something that we obsessed about was the 'spot'. Looked and shopped and I could not imagine it turning out better than it did. Even though I was more than a little irritated when we flagged it off(complete with use of compass and many trips to the road and back to be sure that it was just right) AND the countless times we moved those flags....oh and them getting moved and re-DOING it! This is one of those times that I am proud that Justin is so OCD and miticulous! I was soooo over it...I would not have given as much attention to detail...so all the glory I give to my husband!

This isn't by any means the best morning I have seen, this isn't a great sunrise(and they are fantastic often), but rather the morning that I stopped and took a picture of what makes me so humble everyday....to have waited and worked so hard to get here...I #1 feel incredibly blessed and #2 What a wonderful feeling to just finally take it all in!!!(after all the long days waiting and working to get here)

Most people don't appreciate living in the country. I don't think that I ever did growing up...I was just disgusted that I wasn't in town. But as an adult, who has lived a lot and been lots of places...all of that life...well I just enjoy waking up, walking in the living room and those big ole' doors just let it all in....and I try to always give thanks for the blessings I have....and to merely 'soak it up' every chance I get.

It is my sincere hope that I can instill this in Laila. I think that my parents taught me how to appreciate the little things in life, and I am thankful. I hope that I can pay that gift forward. Additionally, I can remember my papaw sitting on the porch swing overlooking his land and life's work....I think if I could ask him...that he would tell me...he was soaking up the day. I was NEVER a morning person until after having children...and justin would say I still am NOT...but I do really enjoy the quietness(once I drag out of the bed) of it, the peace in it, and the delight in the fact that...IF you rise early enough...there is time to savor the moment! And remember briefly that this IS the day that the Lord Hath MADE! All very simple things and thoughts....but certainly as I grow older...those little things are what I treasure the most...

unfortunately I rarely take the time to slow down and give attention to ANY of this...

Summer 2010...a little back tracking

Here are a few things that we did this spring and summer that I would have blogged about but my schedule didn't allow for....now that they have been rescued from the camera...I wanted to share, just what we had been up to!

"sand sliding" while they were bricking the house;
this shirt was never the same but she had a blast!

Bethleham Memorial with cousins Alaina, Oakley, and Brady
a rare occasion that they ALL agreed to stop and pose!

Laila, Ms. Misty, Ms. Domini, and Ms. Amanda
Gymnastics recital 2010

Look out Summer olympics 20??
(she got her glasses the next day)

Laila and Cobi Lann stretching and getting the game plan

Creative Learning Center Graduation from Ms. Amanda's 3 year old class
Most memorable moment is that Laila announced for Kamri to stop "turning around"
when asked why she yelled at her, she explained...'well mama, I could not SEE!'
......and everyone was aware!

(This summer has been lots of fun and very busy...and I have been working towards the move and then in the midst of it all summer. There were lots of things that happened during all this that I would have blogged about but I just now got computer recovered, high speed internet, and got my camera situation sorted through...there for a while I was technologyy impaired. I am still holding out for a new BIG fancy Rebel EOS digital camera...(just in case you talk with my husband) ...but with the new house...well big presents don't look good- knew I should have gotten that before. My old camera is working good but when there is another small baby in our house...it will certainly not do. Takes great pictures but slow response time. Luckily Laila is cooperative enought that I am capturing most or she will re-pose for those missed...most of the time.)

Monday, July 19, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words.....

I did capture a few good pictures this weekend....

I could not find the camera Saturday night, so Walt's pictures will serve as my memories from then...and took Lots of pictures at Lena's shower....BUT with her camera...so I only had a few. This one of Laila and Emma was too cute!

Laila ate her ice cream too, but had me hold it so she would not be sticky!

Plus she loves to pose! (can you tell?)

Emma...loved her dessert...can you tell?

Busy weekend...

As I thought about what to post and I thought about just what I have been doing...I realized...that I had a really busy weekend...but then I thought...seriously...ALL of my WEEKENDS are busy!

Then I came to a question I OFTEN want to ask of every person I meet....not to compare myself to others...because that is a DEAD end road for sure. But rather so that I don't feel as if I am the ONLY person that runs WIDE open 24 hours a day...never stopping, never slowing down. Even on the calmest, easiest going of days....I get dressed and by the time that is over...I literally feel like I just ran a marathon...which I cannot do. So saying this, says that I feel as thoguth I have accomplished the un-doable task! But yet I do it over and over and over again and in a million of different ways and scenerios. I am not sure that this blog will make sense to anyone..that is unless you also share this blunder!! But for those of you that do..WOW...

Let's see. This weekend Friday night is now a blurr and even as I type...I cannot recall quickly what exactly we did....Oh yes...finally came to me...I drove through a storm after having a record BAD day...and got home after going to Walmart at 6 o'clock-ish and getting in the WORST check out line(which I am famous for- at least in my mind)...picked up supper from Nancy's( a local resturant- my FAVORITE) and headed to my mother-in-laws...to begin the 'putting up of 200 ears of corn'. Well supper was interesting..always is. Then we shucked a few ears...not even a bag and Laila hit the 'WALL' she was not herself and was apparently exhausted. Even admitting being tired. SO to bed I take her home! Then Saturday began with LOTS of corn and by 1-ish I was back to the house to eat lunch and put Laila down for a nap. Which I opted to take with her. 45 minutes in and I was up...making homeade ice cream and cleaning and getting ready for My great Aunt Ninny's 90th birthday party!! What a legacy that is! And she is very active....but for another time as well. Got all our clothes ready because I still have not found time to stop and iron everything in our closets. But nevertheless...got Justin some clothes ready, despite the fact that he was flying and it didn't look like he would be making it with us! But just when you don't expect it...he lands and comes driving up side- ways ready to go with us and so I learned long ago...don't get hopes up but get him some clothes just in case he gets away and can join us.

Did I mention that Laila STILL felt horrible...but no signs or real illness...but certainly NOT herself! We get ready and the ice cream freezer FINALLY STOPS and I pull the dasher out, cleaning it off and making HUGE mess for sure but leaving it in the sink for later! I repack the freezer to preserve the frozen delight and we are OFF!!!!!!!! I say this in a funny way .....but I seriously FEEL like this! I am always running soooo much that I feel as if someone has opened the gate and released the bucking bull and me and Laila are just trying to hang on!

Anyway, the party was great and I got to see lots of people that I NEVER see. Like Ms. Lloyd and Mr. Jim (whose house I spent most of my childhood years at). Ms Becky Thomas( english teacher and local teaching legend)...and of course all my family and you would be bored to tears if I named them all!

So it was all worth it and I was only 5 minutes late...which I attributed to the stinking ice cream freezer! Seriously...with a box of rock salt it still takes an hour and half AT LEAST to freeze it solid! But worth the wait as well!

Anyway, party was great and food was better than that.

Then home as Laila wasn't feeling well and to bed and up again....for another race. Sunday I started getting ready 2 hours before I needed to and that was good idea because in Laila's ill-ness-like state....she had meltdown after meltdown and I was totally exhausted as I left the house....but turned out the be good because she either wore herself down or I just slowed down enough to cater to all her needs and the afternoon was great!

I met long time friends Lena and her son Garret, Kim and her daughter Annie Reese, and Aunt Jes and Emma Cate for lunch at Central Station Grill in Starkville....which is VERY kid friendly by the way...kids food came out first and was a cheap and good menu @ $4 meal for them! Anyway, Lena is expecting a new baby girl- Molly Claire next month and we were having a shower there to celebrate her upcoming arrival. Good food, good company, and lots of great gifts! After the shower, I went to Walmart with Laila...this was uneventful....and to reference....my husband's question of "Where does your money go?"....Walmart...I have been twice in two days! We got home...unloaded the car AGAIN...another thing that I am always doing but can't ever seem to tell that I did! Laila and her daddy fed the ducks..yes they are still living. It seems that all is settling down after the release! I began cooking supper. We ate, bathed Laila and to bed she went...since we skipped the nap! Despite her reluctance since she KNEW IT WAS NOT DARK OUTSIDE YET!

So wow...yet another wild and crazy weekend for the Wades...oh how I love summertime....and I always hated that it passed so fast as a child...but as a busy momma! I am glad it is only a few months...I am not sure I would survive it otherwise!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Survivor Bentley---A duck's story"....continued!

Well...'Billy Lee' is still going strong on the pond as I suspected! And there were mysterious feathers around the ditch that the new kids had been previously hiding in...so something caught up with some of the less resourceful guys. I do not have a full head count...but Justin says that some of them are still around. He thinks that two are missing at present...with the evidence...I think that likely they are in duck heaven!?

I did ask Justin what he was planning to do with this bad duck? He, of course, had a plan....his words " I think I am going to have to starve him out a little bit... so he will be hungry and will come eat for me...then I will catch him"... I knew he would have a plan!

As for "Mr. Big Shot"... he now resides at a local neighbor's pond...Perry Bailey...and yes he had permission to drop this little guy off! Here he has water and he can be KING of the hill! and after some long lonely days...he might just be happy to see a new guy...especially a new GIRL!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Man vs. Duck!!!

Bet you are wondering what on earth this post is about....well just that! My husband is a strong silent man. He usually says very little in most situations- except with his friends he is most comfortable with and then he talks all the time...but as a general rule...he is the strong silent type. When he speaks...it is usually profound and I generally stop and listen to whatever it is..why is this important? well his character and understanding it just adds to the full comedy of this story! Another characteristic he possesses...and so does our 3 year old...persistence....I mean...I will give up and seek alter route quickly...but not Justin, he just keeps on and has this will that is unbreakable...his patience also falls into this and he possesses LOTS of this..Hence being able to tolerate me is possible. But anyway, he is all of these things and to an extreme...sometimes it is a fantastic quality and still others it is just little funny for me. He also literally CAN do anything...back to all these qualities...so this is the background...now if you know him...this will be even funnier because you will be able to picture this!

So here goes...last night we were at home..I was working on my drowned iPhone and a friend dropped by to pick up a dvd player to borrow for family vacation and as she was leaving up drives justin. He was asking Laila to go with him and has her ask if I would like to go. I was curious but also fully distracted by my phone that I am trying to salvage but I bite and stop all efforts at recovery and go see where it is that they are headed off to. Often times, I like to go and see just what they are getting into...as daddy will always let your child do more, venture farther, push the limit farther than mother hen will!

Outside I find them peering into the back of Justin's truck at a kennel....and I discover that today is the day that he has chosen to 'turn out the baby ducks'! Little history...before Laila was born...we got some ducks and they were raised in a coop and then released into the pond by his parents house. This process was harder to deal with since we still lived in our old house and if you have never raised ducks...well it is a disgusting adventure! They poo ALOT and they stink and they literally grow overnight...insane. Anyway...justin wanted Laila to have ducks..well only a select few have serivived and they live on the pond. This pond is now in our front yard so obviously he wanted MORE ducks... So he made a deal with his uncle about these and his Uncle Shorty has been raising THIRTY ducks for the pond...yes 30!! Anyway, yesterday he brought a kennel full to test it out and see how they survived. Because now, our dogs- who hunt ducks also live there and WILL chase them and catch them for grins! So in the big kennel go Molly and Lacy for the turn out. Also Justin had gone so far as to get in the pond last week and put up some posts on some of the trees in the pond to create 'safe havens' for the smartest ducks...so we have ourselves a little game of survivor going on!!! So dogs up and to the pond we go. Ducks are released....looking like we will be done before supper and in the house we will go. HA!!! Nope...the ducks would not get in the water...yep..got ourselves some HIGH quality ducks that don't like water!!!! so what is that saying...take like a duck to water! Well, we think that maybe having the other ducks...that have resided in Bentley for nearly 4 years...that seeing them will help....so I go get the gator...as this is how they are fed and are conditioned to come to...Load laila up, etc...to in laws to get the gator...Laila and I return...then I forgot food in the back of truck..back to get food...by now the ducks are there and Laila has stayed with her daddy and I return to find Justin holding a duck by his wings and he is TICKED off! not justin....the duck... Apparently this is KING of the hill! Well or so he thought...he was beating up on the new kids and justin captured him....so back I go to get the truck again to get the kennel to put up...Mr big shot!! By this point...I am little purturbed but that is just part of it! So I go get the truck. Justin puts "Mr. Big Shot" in the kennel and we will deal with him later. Back to rescue baby ducks...and these ducks are nearly full grown, by the way. I look up and Justin is throwing stuff at these ducks...because apparently THE real King DUCK is more sneaky and he is silently drowning the new kids...yep...holding them under one at a time! So we are on a bigger mission! the distraction of rock throwing works and the ducks ....that finally did get in the water....are on the run. Justin decides that he must go get "Billy Lee Bad *$%"- this duck is bad news and he is claiming HIS pond. There is also a hen that has babies that have been born and raised on the pond this summer so hence the protective nature...I guess. So we head out in the truck as family to go get the gator AGAIN. Off we go...and Laila in my lap(we are just in the pasture) and she flips her drink from my hands and now Dr Pepper in my lap! Joy! cleaned up and off we go again. Justin gets on the gater with Laila and me in the truck and we head to the pond. Back there Justin quickly determines that he must go get the little boat and go in AFTER Billy Lee!!! So on the gator we all load and to the shop we go. Justin loaded boat(in the back of the gator...so it is small) battery and trolling motor...I remind him that he needs a plug and then we are off. To the pond we go and in hot pursuit of Mr Billy Lee bad duck! He is just swimming about head high..and I even noticed him bowing up and stretching and flapping his wings like the males to do show dominance(the baby ducks were hidding and he thinks that he has WON) . So as Justin gets in I think...ok well he will catch this duck and then we are on our way again. HA...

Have you ever seen a determined man in a little one man metal boat, on a pretty good sized pond, in hot pursuit of one BAD duck???? Well, let me say at first I was just chuckling that he was so determined that he has gone through all this to save the ducks. But also proud that he was such a good man and good daddy. No man, child, or duck left behind! He is really this good of a person. I don't always give him full credit for how great he is. But back to story. Laila and I rode around the pond searching for the new 'kids' and finally find them hiding in the grass of the ditch of the pond that goes under our driveway...so they were safe and justin was still in hot pursuit of this one black duck...who cannot fly...so I am still holding faith that he WILL get this bad boy! Well the sun was setting and it was cool and beautiful so we are just enjoying the show....and boy did this movie go on and on and on!! He would chase him all the way across the pond and into a corner and somehow the duck would escape with circling around a tree and we were all the while driving around the pond trying to help urge Billy Lee closer and trapping him so to speak...after a long while Laila and I just found a good viewing spot and watched...well after more than several trips back and forth...I really thought he would just quit. HA...nope not my husband...it was now a mission. He WOULD win or else!!! So as time passed it got funnier and I knew that he was going to be here until capture or dark!

Well it was not until the duck escaped once by ducking (no pun intended) under the water and swam under the boat!!! Yes you heard me...this duck was smart and resourceful but he was still a duck and My HUSBAND would not loose now... defeat will not be! At first I thought I was seeing things and I yelled the second time to justin and said..did he? He responded with a very serious and slightly irritated and intrigued look on his face...yep! It wasn't until after many many many more trips ALL over this pond and many more wing flapping(duck could not fly but he was able to kind of get airborne by flapping his wings and that would give him just enough leverage to speed up and escape the boat)...even a few times, I saw Justin get close enough that he threw the dip net at the duck...only once did the net sink and he had to go 'overboard' to rescue his net...because another quality about him...is just like his dad..(they buy quality items and take very good care of them and keep them forever) so there was no 'oh well' lost that net...he got out and got it! So by this point I was laughing out loud off and on...and the next trip across the pond and the duck did his duck and dive thing and ....BOY was he skilled...he could swim a LOOOONG way underwater and he was creative about which direction he would go..so there was no predicting where he was heading....Jsutin would just be sitting there turning his head and looking at us as to ask 'where is the duck'? Laila took my cue and would say...he is behind you daddy and as I laughed so did she...it was at the time as he headed across the pond AGAIN....that he looks over at us and it was quiet...I hear him say....Looks like this one is going to get the gun!!! I could not help it.... I lost it.... I knew that this duck was winning and Justin was fully determined that this WOULD not happen...it was Man vs Duck and he was sure that Man would prevail...

In the meantime...he found some 'friendly snakes' living in on of the trees and asked me to go get the shot gun!!! As I was driving to get it...I was thinking...poor duck. Billy Lee was King of the pond but then he had to show off and he is gonna be duck stew or dressing or soemthing else that Aunt Merle cooks up!!! So I get the gun and some shells and return and Justin could not find Billy Lee. He says to me as I am handing him the gun that he thinks that he commited suicide! I am laughing and cannot help myself! I am thinking. Ha..wishful thinking...Billy Lee has him a great hiding place cause he was GIVE OUT! Justin had also previously said that he thought he would give out and he would catch him! So now we are killing snakes...several shots and all snakes were 'smoked' and he scans briefly- looking for Billy Lee- and he is no where to be found....

I suppose that it possible...that billy lee drowned himself so he could pass in a defining moment- so that the other ducks would see him as a hero who died in battle...but Justin is all the while thinking that he finally wore him out! I, myself, after watching Man vs Duck...and checking out Billy Lee's skills...put bets on the fact that Billy Lee found himself a great hiding spot and that it isn't over yet...I didn't get to check duck headcount status this morning and who knows...the new kids on the block ...may have headed north to high ground in the night???? Only time will tell the story...but I will not soon forget the story of the day that we released the 'new kids'

Stay tuned for updates on the pond and the introduction to "Survivor Bentley'- A duck's story!!!!

FYI.."Mr. Big Shot" was still in the kennel this morning awaiting his fate...he will likely have a new home today if I was guessing but who knows...But Billy Lee..well who knows...but I bet it will be an interesting turn of events for him. If I know my husband...he didn't give up last night! He is plotting his attack and this will likely be hilarious.

Maybe not so much for you, my readers, but certainly I get a kick out of watching man chase duck...knowing the determination and watching this highly skilled duck get the better of him...I was rolling laughing!

This is my life...simple but LOTS of fun and usually good for an interesting story here and there! Laila really enjoyed watching it...but not nearly as much as I did!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why blogging? Why the title?

While I am still not sure about blogging....I have been thinking about it and studying a little in the recent months. I do not "facebook", I do not scrapbook, I don't even organize my photos in books...just on the computer. I have thought countless times about...needing to do this to keep records of Laila's life and all that she does, yet it just isn't something that I enjoy doing. I can't see taking time....that I don't have to invest into something I don't particularly enjoy and take away from my family. With work and life...there is very little time left for such busy-work/tasks. While I enjoy looking at scrapbooking...it isn't realistic for me. BUT at the same time. I sure do want to capture those 'MOMENTS' in our lives that I look back on the last 3 1/2 years and see what I have forgotten, or what is already foggy.

Which brings me back to the question... why blogging? 1. My sis-in-law, Jessica, has a blog and lives hours away from me and this is how I 'catch up' with her. She is a busy momma and there just isn't time to talk all the time and see what has been going on always and this is my way of keeping up with them. Often times, I have talked with her and then read the blog to see that she didn't tell me about something they did or something really cute that Emma does...or even more..pictures are worth a 1000 words. So in review...I don't 'facebook' so I miss out on things she might have posted. So after enjoying her blog and seeing how interested I am in it... I began to think...do I have time for this? And after little research...I think that yes I do!

2. In review again...I don't 'facebook' but have plenty of friends that do and so I hear all about videos that my brother has posted....and pictures- old and new- from friends who know I don't so they just tell me about it. Often times, my brother tells me he posted something on facebook to check it out. Well I don't have it and I don't plan to do it, but more often than not I have guilt that I don't just suck it up and get an account so I can check up on my family. BUT then I think...oh but people I don't care to FIND me...will find me and rather than being rude and ignoring them....I just merely choose to stay out of that loop until Laila grows up and gets on...then I will have to dive in and keep tabs on her! But my second point is...that my MOM is on facebook! Yep...people tell me stuff all the time...about 'talking to my mom' etc. Which is funny because she just does not 'talk' that much to anyone on the phone...see she is a night owl... Always has been. She used to come in on Friday nights after working ALL week and ATTACK our house. As a mom now...I see why she did this. She could work much more efficiently at night while we were all sleeping. I also see why she was a little irritated when we would wake her OR distroy her work as she slept....sorry mom!!! Anyway...back to what she did and why she is still this way. She would clean the entire house and wash clothes along the way while we were all awake....when the house was clean...she would take post at the kitchen counter...iron in hand...ironing board in front of her...typical snack of BBQ fritos and CHOCOLATE milk...in small carton!! I am sure that she ate lots of other stuff but this is what I remember the most...My mom is from the 'super mom' era....Maybe yours was too. I can say this now with loving adoration...she did it ALL. I mean...literally I woke every Saturday to clean house, stocked fridge, and ALL my clothes perfectly starched and ironed hanging in our closets....and then I appreciated this but now that I am that same busy-working mom...well I am astonished and amazed at HOW she pulled it all off. Because on top of this....we never missed an event. These memories are fondest of early childhood but they are memories of my entire life at home. Football game Friday nights...my brother- Walt played and I cheered...and mom and dad were always there. I do not completely recall when she cleaned then....but we came home and did our teenage thing...and momma went to her post! She was ALWAYS awake when we came in so the late night thing just continued....so I suppose after 20 + years of not going to bed...well she just does not know how!!!! Thankfully not long after I went to college, mom began working at home and could make her work days what she wanted of them!!! HA.. yea right! One would think....but that is another post in itself...but a preview of this is that my mom...is still super woman and she ALWAYS has an open door and open heart....she talks a BIG show about how she is not going to do that again....but I have heard my dad say it many times...and not in an annoyed way...but in a prideful way...your momma just can't tell anyone no. She has a huge heart and she LOVES big. So anyway, she will help me, my brother, her family, a good friend, a friend of a friend....and stranger alike! She reaches out whenever the call comes in and stays the long haul...she is also a huge perfectionist..which she has joked that I am and a planner....but I think that this trait came honest from her!! She never goes to bed with her work undone...business is no different than her personal happenings. So she may help the world all day and then she is back to her life long 'work of the night'!! Sounds creepy...but it isn't. She is merely a night owl. I don't think she particularly likes it anymore....but she cannot break a habit that is older than I am!!! now 32 she has been doing this longer than my three year old can count!

So to my point....the second reason is ...my mother ,who is difficult to reach because of our obvious conflicting work/sleep schedules....she has facebook! She not only has it...she utilizes it. Recently she POSTED A VIDEO...which I am sure originated from my brother but I was so impressed that this pushed my toying with blogging to...I HAVE TO BLOG. I likely miss little things that Laila does because I fail to call mom and tell her because I am waiting for a good time for me or her and I just end up not. So....in my moments...I will blog my world and Laila! And in her moments...I hope that she will read and see them and that way I can share more with her. This is at least my plan. Laila is so much fun and she does so many funny things...I want to always share it and I think that this is the best way to do just that. While mom is not the only person I want to share it with...ALL of our family....her posting video pushed me over the edge. I know if it is something funny...she will share it with my dad and I know that she will look at it! A few years ago..she would never have attempted but I think that this is something she can figure out....especially since she figured out facebook. And there is no chance of getting a virus on her work computer with my blog!

WHY the title...In the months that I've toyed with this idea of blogging...I read lots of blogs...some comedy, some inspirational, and jessica's to check in...so of course as I thought about it..I wondered why I would do it...whay my goal would be, and what I would call it. So many people have their family name...but I didn't want just an ordinary title. Just not me...but my family is my focus...so what to do...and through all these questions...I realized that ALL about the little things was just perfect. Why you say? well because...don't you agree that the LITTLE things in life are what alter our paths? Little children...change your world just when you thought you were unchangable! Little daily happenings....affect you tremendously! Even when you don't notice...I have a million reasons....of which I will share later...but the basics....I will tell my family and those I share this blog with...All about the LITTLE things that change me, for the better, everyday! I try so hard- as busy as I get and am, to take the time...obviously this is a daily battle/struggle....to pause and enjoy the little things! Soaking up the little hilarious things that Laila does, or says...and the million ways that she amazes me everyday with how smart she is!

So here goes nothing....

Right now I have only been playing around with this and I have not even began to work on my blog layout. I am learning and I thought what better way than to get started. I will be posting pictures from our recent beach trip and currently only have one picture of my daughter eating popcicles....but rest assured that there will be MANY more to come!

And I ask forgiveness for typos and errors as there are likely many and will also be many more to come. but there will be times that I don't take the time to perfect the details in the interests of time!

so for now...I will post this one and see how it turns out!??!!