Monday, July 12, 2010

Why blogging? Why the title?

While I am still not sure about blogging....I have been thinking about it and studying a little in the recent months. I do not "facebook", I do not scrapbook, I don't even organize my photos in books...just on the computer. I have thought countless times about...needing to do this to keep records of Laila's life and all that she does, yet it just isn't something that I enjoy doing. I can't see taking time....that I don't have to invest into something I don't particularly enjoy and take away from my family. With work and life...there is very little time left for such busy-work/tasks. While I enjoy looking at isn't realistic for me. BUT at the same time. I sure do want to capture those 'MOMENTS' in our lives that I look back on the last 3 1/2 years and see what I have forgotten, or what is already foggy.

Which brings me back to the question... why blogging? 1. My sis-in-law, Jessica, has a blog and lives hours away from me and this is how I 'catch up' with her. She is a busy momma and there just isn't time to talk all the time and see what has been going on always and this is my way of keeping up with them. Often times, I have talked with her and then read the blog to see that she didn't tell me about something they did or something really cute that Emma does...or even are worth a 1000 words. So in review...I don't 'facebook' so I miss out on things she might have posted. So after enjoying her blog and seeing how interested I am in it... I began to I have time for this? And after little research...I think that yes I do!

2. In review again...I don't 'facebook' but have plenty of friends that do and so I hear all about videos that my brother has posted....and pictures- old and new- from friends who know I don't so they just tell me about it. Often times, my brother tells me he posted something on facebook to check it out. Well I don't have it and I don't plan to do it, but more often than not I have guilt that I don't just suck it up and get an account so I can check up on my family. BUT then I think...oh but people I don't care to FIND me...will find me and rather than being rude and ignoring them....I just merely choose to stay out of that loop until Laila grows up and gets on...then I will have to dive in and keep tabs on her! But my second point is...that my MOM is on facebook! Yep...people tell me stuff all the time...about 'talking to my mom' etc. Which is funny because she just does not 'talk' that much to anyone on the phone...see she is a night owl... Always has been. She used to come in on Friday nights after working ALL week and ATTACK our house. As a mom now...I see why she did this. She could work much more efficiently at night while we were all sleeping. I also see why she was a little irritated when we would wake her OR distroy her work as she slept....sorry mom!!! Anyway...back to what she did and why she is still this way. She would clean the entire house and wash clothes along the way while we were all awake....when the house was clean...she would take post at the kitchen counter...iron in hand...ironing board in front of her...typical snack of BBQ fritos and CHOCOLATE small carton!! I am sure that she ate lots of other stuff but this is what I remember the most...My mom is from the 'super mom' era....Maybe yours was too. I can say this now with loving adoration...she did it ALL. I mean...literally I woke every Saturday to clean house, stocked fridge, and ALL my clothes perfectly starched and ironed hanging in our closets....and then I appreciated this but now that I am that same busy-working mom...well I am astonished and amazed at HOW she pulled it all off. Because on top of this....we never missed an event. These memories are fondest of early childhood but they are memories of my entire life at home. Football game Friday brother- Walt played and I cheered...and mom and dad were always there. I do not completely recall when she cleaned then....but we came home and did our teenage thing...and momma went to her post! She was ALWAYS awake when we came in so the late night thing just I suppose after 20 + years of not going to bed...well she just does not know how!!!! Thankfully not long after I went to college, mom began working at home and could make her work days what she wanted of them!!! HA.. yea right! One would think....but that is another post in itself...but a preview of this is that my still super woman and she ALWAYS has an open door and open heart....she talks a BIG show about how she is not going to do that again....but I have heard my dad say it many times...and not in an annoyed way...but in a prideful way...your momma just can't tell anyone no. She has a huge heart and she LOVES big. So anyway, she will help me, my brother, her family, a good friend, a friend of a friend....and stranger alike! She reaches out whenever the call comes in and stays the long haul...she is also a huge perfectionist..which she has joked that I am and a planner....but I think that this trait came honest from her!! She never goes to bed with her work is no different than her personal happenings. So she may help the world all day and then she is back to her life long 'work of the night'!! Sounds creepy...but it isn't. She is merely a night owl. I don't think she particularly likes it anymore....but she cannot break a habit that is older than I am!!! now 32 she has been doing this longer than my three year old can count!

So to my point....the second reason is mother ,who is difficult to reach because of our obvious conflicting work/sleep schedules....she has facebook! She not only has it...she utilizes it. Recently she POSTED A VIDEO...which I am sure originated from my brother but I was so impressed that this pushed my toying with blogging to...I HAVE TO BLOG. I likely miss little things that Laila does because I fail to call mom and tell her because I am waiting for a good time for me or her and I just end up not. my moments...I will blog my world and Laila! And in her moments...I hope that she will read and see them and that way I can share more with her. This is at least my plan. Laila is so much fun and she does so many funny things...I want to always share it and I think that this is the best way to do just that. While mom is not the only person I want to share it with...ALL of our family....her posting video pushed me over the edge. I know if it is something funny...she will share it with my dad and I know that she will look at it! A few years ago..she would never have attempted but I think that this is something she can figure out....especially since she figured out facebook. And there is no chance of getting a virus on her work computer with my blog!

WHY the title...In the months that I've toyed with this idea of blogging...I read lots of blogs...some comedy, some inspirational, and jessica's to check of course as I thought about it..I wondered why I would do it...whay my goal would be, and what I would call it. So many people have their family name...but I didn't want just an ordinary title. Just not me...but my family is my what to do...and through all these questions...I realized that ALL about the little things was just perfect. Why you say? well because...don't you agree that the LITTLE things in life are what alter our paths? Little children...change your world just when you thought you were unchangable! Little daily happenings....affect you tremendously! Even when you don't notice...I have a million reasons....of which I will share later...but the basics....I will tell my family and those I share this blog with...All about the LITTLE things that change me, for the better, everyday! I try so hard- as busy as I get and am, to take the time...obviously this is a daily battle/ pause and enjoy the little things! Soaking up the little hilarious things that Laila does, or says...and the million ways that she amazes me everyday with how smart she is!

So here goes nothing....

Right now I have only been playing around with this and I have not even began to work on my blog layout. I am learning and I thought what better way than to get started. I will be posting pictures from our recent beach trip and currently only have one picture of my daughter eating popcicles....but rest assured that there will be MANY more to come!

And I ask forgiveness for typos and errors as there are likely many and will also be many more to come. but there will be times that I don't take the time to perfect the details in the interests of time!

so for now...I will post this one and see how it turns out!??!!

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  1. Well I thought I posted on your blog. God only knows who I posted on. It may have been on Jess's. Well, again I will say. I love the one of Laila setting her table for her Mom. That was precious. I love them all but that was my favorite. Keep posting. I check the daily. love you