Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What do you do for christmas?

Running update....still on target with training, only just first week....but we must start somewhere....right?

So glad you asked....

My husband and I live close to both sides of our family and that means that we have lots of events and lots to do and many people to see. Which is great and fun, but at the same exact time....OVERWHELMING and exhausting. Especially since I work until Christmas Eve and normally only get Christmas Eve and Day off. So as much I love Christmas and look forward to it....can I just say...


I mean seriously, all the hustle and bustle and fun parties and stuff. By the time you prepare for it, buy all the presents, wrap them, are so over it just want to sit on the couch and rest! So not to be a scrooge or anything....but just keeping it real. I totally get why I mother would say...I hate Christmas. I mean, she didn't really hate it...but she was just OVER it...

But as a child you only have to be excited about your toys and all. Plus seeing your cousins and checking out all their cool toys, etc. So for the sake of being a GREAT mom! I am going to continue to try and pretend to be all sunshine and christmas bells about it!

I am excited for Santa to come and see what he brings us all....but at the same time. I just want a little slow down.

Not to mention that the winter is the time of year that my husband is free and he loves to be like a world traveler....not really but we do lots of travel in January, so that is fun too but lots to prepare for as well. So with a New Year's trip coming up, and two different conventions that he attends before the third week of January...we have lots going on.

So now that I have sort of complained and been scrooge....let me also say.

I KNOW that I am incredibly blessed and that I do count these blessings everyday and I am trying so very hard to keep that in the front of my mind.

Hope that you all have a holiday filled with too much to do, and too much to eat. Because we should only be so tortured by too much family and fun! I am humlby reminded that there are so many that do not have family and friends or the basics of life.

Thanks to all my family and friends and blessings that God provides for me!

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 20, 2010

What's new?

Well besides the fact that I have been a crummy blogger of recent and I am running in circles most of the time just to get it all done. Hence my last post was like Thanksgiving...what can I say, by the time I work and take care of my family and myself....I am spent and any online time has been for gifts or christmas cards or something recently.

Hope everyone that might read this is just as busy and it is like new years before you are even checking in on my wandering words.

So with that possibility in mind..I am only going to say....

My little angel is great and asking for everything that comes on between Dora(that is DVR'd, which means she asks for the SAME things over and over)!! So ready for Santa and in general lots of fun

Hubby is trying to do his level best at decreasing the delta's duck population and if time is any indicator....WATCH out ducks! Woe! he is hunting LOTS, but he is happy and he checks in and makes it a point to get home and see us, so I can't complain. If he was home..I would like be neglecting him with all my 'have tos'! Chirstmas gets busier and busier and less and less appealing as I age....oh AgE !!! nasty littel word!

ME, well so glad that you asked....I just committed to train for and run a half marathon on FEBRUARY 13th....yep, you heard it right! I am going to run 13.1 miles!!!! I have been saying that I would like to do that and my running buddy asked the question and made me put my money where my mouth is...see I had been planning to do this like...say...NEXT year. and well, guess what....2011 is NEXT year. So New Orleans Rock and Roll Half we come. Lots of miles to put in between now and then. But certainly I am nervous and excited all the same. Plus a weekend trip with hubby isn't ever a bad idea! I hope to complete in less than 3 hours but no matter the time...crossing the finish line will feel great!!! Looking forward to it.

OH and did I mention lots of upcoming travel, like 3 3-4 day trips in the next 8 weeks along with all this running and yea, my full time job! So you guessed it....those of you that know about running or just about not having time to get it all done...there are LOTS of EARLY morning runs coming up for me! But I am looking forward to it....

Putting it out there so I am now even more accountable to make it happen!

Hope santa is good to you and always remember...the reason for the season!

love to all