Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE, 32 weeks &4days...thankful

On the last day of 2011....

I wake up to two squirming babies...and my husband sleeping quietly on the 'couch' in labor&delivery for the 13th day in a row.....and as difficult as theses days have been...

Being away from Laila, missing Christmas totally, spending a total of 33 days on strict bed rest ...19 of which have been in hospital...

I find myself thankful....

Thankful that Laila has handled this like a champ...
Thankful Justin has a job that allows him to be here with me( remind me of this when he is so busy I never see him come summer and I have two babies to care for)...
Thankful to still have a great big ole belly full of growing babies...
Thankful my health is good despite the bed rest and medications I've had to take...
Thankful for loving supportive families that Justin and I have....
Thankful for all of God's blessings...

I hope everyone else is as thankful for the things they have bu most importantly the life they are blessed with. As the clock strikes midnight tonight and 2011 is gone and 2012 arrives...I'm not certain if I'll still have two blessings growing in my tummy...but I sure hope so.... No matter what, I'm going to be thankful for ALL the prayers we have received and blessings our family has witnessed this year!

Here is to a Happy New Year and a bright 2012 to come!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

And another day in the books...

Well last night I slept like a champion....didn
T take any of that horrible morphine thnk goodness for contractions....took a sleeping pill instead prwscribed by doc...I slept from 9:30-8/20 this morning. My nurse only had to wake me up once to empty my bladder bcauase I had 6 cntx that hour...

I must admit I woke up feeling crummy! Nose has been sooo stopped up for last few days...I has cried of and on two days and o chalked it up to that...but I haven't cried since yesterday afternoon and generally didn't understnd why I was feeling so crummy!!! Justin woke sniffling and I still had the headache I was certain would go away once I rested....then it hit me.....

3 days ago we got these beautiful flowers from the women's association that's affiliated with my husband line of work.....they were beautiful...and fragrant...a-HA! When I woke feeling especially crummy after another two hour nap this morning.....I sat up to eat lunch feling nauseated , miserable, stopped up, headache...I told my husband.....take those flowers to the hallway!! Literally in 15 minutes my nose began running, mynhead clearer....and now I can honestly say I am feeling great know as great as a woman whose belly is taking over her body slowly....

I'm thankful it appears we are putting another day down...and I'm hopeful that we might just get 2012 babies!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And another day in the books...

Still boring posts without photos...but I'm electronicallynvhallanged among mobility challenged.

We Made it another 24 hours without being delivered.....

Twins had an active night.
Their tracing looked good on the monitor and
I finally rested some after I took a sleeping pill.

Waiting on doctor. Come right now.

As well as my nurse with some more pain meds...I'm nearbannoyed stage!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A milestone....

32 weeks!!! For so long I've held onto hope that I would just make it to 32 I'm here....and we are thankful to god that we are...BUT now that I'm here....I find myself praying for more....

So here are stats...

Currently 32 weeks.
Holding by his grace at 3 cm /90%
baby boy still very low and determined to be first to meet us.
Today's US weights
Baby boy 3 lbs 15 oz
Baby girl 4 lbs 1 oz
They have received their two doses of steroids
I'm still on praocardia every 4 hrs
But today is last day that dr B is willing to let me continue brethine on top of the Procardia....he says that the risk for pulmonary edema for me is too high...he says that at this point with twins it would likelynjustbtake one dose and I could have full blown pulmonary edema.
Sooo, now we have to wait, and pray.
I plan to set a new rcors for how many days one woman can go without washing my hair, at this point. That isn't something that I want to stirs too much uterine activity....last stretch was 8 days!!! Yikes! And I would now say that I'd gladly go 8 or more days wihtout washing my hair if I could get 8 ,ore days with these precious babies in my tummy!!!!!

For now....waiting. Praying and after a big ole' cry as I accept the reality that this is sooo far from my control ....I am attempting to let go of the me of this and placing my sweet babies back into God's hands...because they have long sense been far too heavy for me to carry!

Until then...

Friday, December 23, 2011

31 weeks and counting

Well still hanging in there, but still in hospital!

Today I'm 31 and 4 days....right now hoping I'll hold 32 weeks at least.

Hope everyone has crest christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In hospital again....

short post. Came in on Monday 30.6 days. Been on magnesium. Eventually calmed my uterus we wait and watch and pray....

So if you r just stopping by my blog today....I feel certain that iris because god led you here and I hope you take a moment and pray for ournsweet little ones!

God bless you and and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Life lately hasn't quite afforded me time sitting up at computer and doesn't today either. I was taking some time to take care of bill paying and thought I would see if these would upload quickly. If you are looking at worked!!! uploaded...i give.

Enjoy. There are only 445 more plus video but lord only knows if I can ever share!

we had blast and I am so glad we had that experience with our sweet Laila before the twins arrive!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's amazing

What a difference little hair color does for a girl on bed rest!

Still no pictures because for the life of me I cannot figure out how to post anything except web pics from iPad! For the must have device that the iPad's truly limited in functions.

Anyway. Yesterday I was plagued with contractions that started every time my Procardia was ended up sleeping all day from the pain meds....was convinced I would end up at doctor or hospital today. But so far everything seems much calmer today!

So today an old and dear friend who does my hair normally...came and put my highlights in my hair! Couple that with plucking my eyebrows....I almost feel human!

Here's to hopefully celebrating 30 weeks gestation of my sweet babies tomorrow...and praying for good report on Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm home...and made it to 29 weeks

We got to come home Sunday late afternoon. After finally having my meltdown....which I think was prompted by fear of coming home.

Don't get me wrong....I wanted to be home. It's just scary.

So far so good. We made it through first 24hrs. And actually they were lots smoother contraction wise than I anticipate.

According to dr b...right now, everyday I keep theses babies in my tummy....saves 3 in NICU! So at day 7 going on day 8 I've saved 21 days in NICU with these sweet babies!

Still no names....I'm almost afraid to name them. Cant have them thinking we r ready!

Today we are celebrating 29 weeks!!!! Woooohoooo! Last week I feared not making it. Now I'm looking forward to possibly making it 56 more days til full term!

Currently my activity level is laying on couch, laying in bed, and truly showering and washing hair every other day! For a girl who has always bathed twice a day minimum....this is huge...These sweet babies may never here the end of this. Ha

I'm actually holding up pretty good. Justin has taken over well. Mom and my mother in law are doing all that we ask and need to help and there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Trusting god is fully in control of how things go and he has provided so much so far, inhave full faith he will continue to provide!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hospital update

Today I'm 28 weeks 5 days. I've been in hospital for 5 days. And it looks like maybe, just maybe my angry little uterus has opted to settle itself least temporarily.

Dr b checked me today. And despitebthe contractions I've had cervix is holding....still 1cm/70% and very posterior! All positive considering the week we have had. I rested as every other day....strategically planned my taking a real shower timed with my medicines and even dried my hair in bed. With all that said.....procardia now on board at every 4 hours for going on 20 hours...seems to be helping.

The scary news yesterday of possibly needing to do amnio to check for the cause of this preterm labor is for time being taken off the table with cntx settling down. Sooooo IF all goes well tonight....he will consider letting me gomhome tomorrow...

Granted I can do no more than exactly I'm doing here....but I could see my sweet little girl's face.


It's hopefully going to be a long road ahead....
It's going to be diffiult...
But It will be worth it...

In 10 days I'll be 30 weeks
In 24 days I'll be 32 weeks!

Today I'm thankful for the heart beats I hear on the monitor.
A cervix that is holding despite contractions
And the hope that I will make it many more weeks and have fat healthy BOY and GIRL twins to bring home!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

In hospital ....28 weeks

Well this will be short post. Boring without pictures. I've been trying to take care of business around our house and keep up my rest feeling that a big slow down was headed my way withnthese twins....well boy did I underestimate!!!!

Had great trip to Disney....blessed with no complications . Rare contractions only.... And took meantime getting back into routine and rested.... Beginning Friday after thanksgiving I was noticing more contractions so I loaded fluids, and rested. Played it smart...and Saturday was pretty good day. Sunday evening saw more cntx and cautiously but went on into work money's...took very easy there...and Monday evening pretty resigned to needing a visit with my doc for reassurance was going to come before Thursday....took some of my tylenol #3 that evening to try and settle my angry uterus. Ultimately woke Tuesday with cntx without doing anything except moving from bed to couch with cup of I sent Laila to school with her daddy and i made the call to my doc. Luckily he was on call and told me to see him in th eoffice. I gathered a few items before leaving just in case I needed somone to pack them for me latte....really thinking I was just being myself an Dover preparing. I got dressed and headed the 1 hr. 15 minutes to his office. At office I arrived, hooked up to monitor an slow behold...cntx 3-5 minutes apart....still thinking it was just god slowing me down And letting me know I had arrived where i knew was coming.....but then he checked me....yep 1cm/70% effaced md one way ticket to labor and delivery. Alone bc I sent hubby on to his dentist appointment....telling him I was fine. I mAde the trip across out or to hospitl and that is where I have been since Tuesday around 11!

Lots of prayers answered....we have so far been able to stabilize for the most part and narrowly missed shaving to be transferred out to a level 3 far at least. Dr b didn't mix words or play. I've had magnesium and took looping time to settle my angry uterus down... Starting that on Tuesday evening and finally weaning down early morning hours Thursday....magnesium was difficult and taxing but in survived. Babies look good. Boy weighing in at 2# 7 oz. Girl weighing in at 2# 5 oz! Ohnyeah...never revealed that have I? Promise it's been on my listbof to do...but I've been busy trying to prep for what I knew was posting is all I have time for now.

Hopefully we will continue to settle....still having cntx every hr but so far they aren't changing mycervix....which means....we get to MAYBE go home cautiously on Saturday on pericardia by mouth.

So if you happen to read my ramblings....and you are a praying person....we sure could use all that we can get.....I'm 28 weeks 3 dys today and everyday that these tow monkey's stay in my tummy saves 3 in the NICU!!! According to doc.

I promise I'll try to post some exciting stuff in the coming weeks....Disney pics to come and more belly pics as they grow! But for time being check back and pass along to all of those you know and that love the lord!

We trust he is driving this bus and he is seeing through to healthy babies....preferably fat and ready to just be held, loved, and fed! God has been so good to us and saw us through a difficult pregnancy with contractions with's to doing it one more time. This road ian't easy but necessary And part of my story! It's all about the little things of my life...

Laila update....she's a strong big sis and is hanging with the grands and at school today likely telling all about mommy's special nbraxelets she studied while she was here yesterday and my IV...but if I'm lucky....hopefully she has forgotten all about dear old mom and just being 4!!! And playing her heart content!