Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A milestone....

32 weeks!!! For so long I've held onto hope that I would just make it to 32 weeks...now I'm here....and we are thankful to god that we are...BUT now that I'm here....I find myself praying for more....

So here are stats...

Currently 32 weeks.
Holding by his grace at 3 cm /90%
baby boy still very low and determined to be first to meet us.
Today's US weights
Baby boy 3 lbs 15 oz
Baby girl 4 lbs 1 oz
They have received their two doses of steroids
I'm still on praocardia every 4 hrs
But today is last day that dr B is willing to let me continue brethine on top of the Procardia....he says that the risk for pulmonary edema for me is too high...he says that at this point with twins it would likelynjustbtake one dose and I could have full blown pulmonary edema.
Sooo, now we have to wait, and pray.
I plan to set a new rcors for how many days one woman can go without washing my hair, at this point. That isn't something that I want to do....it stirs too much uterine activity....last stretch was 8 days!!! Yikes! And I would now say that I'd gladly go 8 or more days wihtout washing my hair if I could get 8 ,ore days with these precious babies in my tummy!!!!!

For now....waiting. Praying and after a big ole' cry as I accept the reality that this is sooo far from my control ....I am attempting to let go of the me of this and placing my sweet babies back into God's hands...because they have long sense been far too heavy for me to carry!

Until then...

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  1. been thinking about you.
    Prayers lifted up for you and those sweeties!