Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hospital update

Today I'm 28 weeks 5 days. I've been in hospital for 5 days. And it looks like maybe, just maybe my angry little uterus has opted to settle itself least temporarily.

Dr b checked me today. And despitebthe contractions I've had cervix is holding....still 1cm/70% and very posterior! All positive considering the week we have had. I rested as every other day....strategically planned my taking a real shower timed with my medicines and even dried my hair in bed. With all that said.....procardia now on board at every 4 hours for going on 20 hours...seems to be helping.

The scary news yesterday of possibly needing to do amnio to check for the cause of this preterm labor is for time being taken off the table with cntx settling down. Sooooo IF all goes well tonight....he will consider letting me gomhome tomorrow...

Granted I can do no more than exactly I'm doing here....but I could see my sweet little girl's face.


It's hopefully going to be a long road ahead....
It's going to be diffiult...
But It will be worth it...

In 10 days I'll be 30 weeks
In 24 days I'll be 32 weeks!

Today I'm thankful for the heart beats I hear on the monitor.
A cervix that is holding despite contractions
And the hope that I will make it many more weeks and have fat healthy BOY and GIRL twins to bring home!!!

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