Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What do you do for christmas?

Running update....still on target with training, only just first week....but we must start somewhere....right?

So glad you asked....

My husband and I live close to both sides of our family and that means that we have lots of events and lots to do and many people to see. Which is great and fun, but at the same exact time....OVERWHELMING and exhausting. Especially since I work until Christmas Eve and normally only get Christmas Eve and Day off. So as much I love Christmas and look forward to it....can I just say...


I mean seriously, all the hustle and bustle and fun parties and stuff. By the time you prepare for it, buy all the presents, wrap them, are so over it just want to sit on the couch and rest! So not to be a scrooge or anything....but just keeping it real. I totally get why I mother would say...I hate Christmas. I mean, she didn't really hate it...but she was just OVER it...

But as a child you only have to be excited about your toys and all. Plus seeing your cousins and checking out all their cool toys, etc. So for the sake of being a GREAT mom! I am going to continue to try and pretend to be all sunshine and christmas bells about it!

I am excited for Santa to come and see what he brings us all....but at the same time. I just want a little slow down.

Not to mention that the winter is the time of year that my husband is free and he loves to be like a world traveler....not really but we do lots of travel in January, so that is fun too but lots to prepare for as well. So with a New Year's trip coming up, and two different conventions that he attends before the third week of January...we have lots going on.

So now that I have sort of complained and been scrooge....let me also say.

I KNOW that I am incredibly blessed and that I do count these blessings everyday and I am trying so very hard to keep that in the front of my mind.

Hope that you all have a holiday filled with too much to do, and too much to eat. Because we should only be so tortured by too much family and fun! I am humlby reminded that there are so many that do not have family and friends or the basics of life.

Thanks to all my family and friends and blessings that God provides for me!

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 20, 2010

What's new?

Well besides the fact that I have been a crummy blogger of recent and I am running in circles most of the time just to get it all done. Hence my last post was like Thanksgiving...what can I say, by the time I work and take care of my family and myself....I am spent and any online time has been for gifts or christmas cards or something recently.

Hope everyone that might read this is just as busy and it is like new years before you are even checking in on my wandering words.

So with that possibility in mind..I am only going to say....

My little angel is great and asking for everything that comes on between Dora(that is DVR'd, which means she asks for the SAME things over and over)!! So ready for Santa and in general lots of fun

Hubby is trying to do his level best at decreasing the delta's duck population and if time is any indicator....WATCH out ducks! Woe! he is hunting LOTS, but he is happy and he checks in and makes it a point to get home and see us, so I can't complain. If he was home..I would like be neglecting him with all my 'have tos'! Chirstmas gets busier and busier and less and less appealing as I age....oh AgE !!! nasty littel word!

ME, well so glad that you asked....I just committed to train for and run a half marathon on FEBRUARY 13th....yep, you heard it right! I am going to run 13.1 miles!!!! I have been saying that I would like to do that and my running buddy asked the question and made me put my money where my mouth is...see I had been planning to do this like...say...NEXT year. and well, guess what....2011 is NEXT year. So New Orleans Rock and Roll Half we come. Lots of miles to put in between now and then. But certainly I am nervous and excited all the same. Plus a weekend trip with hubby isn't ever a bad idea! I hope to complete in less than 3 hours but no matter the time...crossing the finish line will feel great!!! Looking forward to it.

OH and did I mention lots of upcoming travel, like 3 3-4 day trips in the next 8 weeks along with all this running and yea, my full time job! So you guessed it....those of you that know about running or just about not having time to get it all done...there are LOTS of EARLY morning runs coming up for me! But I am looking forward to it....

Putting it out there so I am now even more accountable to make it happen!

Hope santa is good to you and always remember...the reason for the season!

love to all

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have so many things to be thankful for....

I am sure that this will be an ongoing post, as I will post everything that comes to mind, mostly because of time...

so here it is...
Being saved by grace

My wonderful, just right for me, husband

My beautiful, smart and oh so fun daughter

All the rest of my family- immediate and extended

My job, the fact that I love it so much that..working even when so many are at home chilling out...that I am happy to be here!

My friends- so I have learned, those worth having...are there when you look like crap, feel like it too, and stand by you no matter what. they not only know you aren't perfect, but they also embrace your imperfections and stand by you anyway-

and for the time being....chocolate

yes I know that this is a random list but it also covers all most important cherished parts...I am sure there is lots more. But all I have time for at the moment!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sometimes..we just can't control it!

Do you ever have those days where...all is going well and you think that ...gosh...good day?

Just to end up doing something like this...

This is my neice, Emma Cate...she is a specially sweet baby girl...well not that she is a baby anymore...but until her baby brother or sister arrives, she is the baby of my husband's side of our family and so hence, baby girl!

Well this is her super sick...granted we don't have a picture of the lifeless version, whose cheeks were bright red and she wasn't breathing so great! but this IS her in the ER room on the stretcher...where she layed and waited all the tests, etc.
Which I must say she is a strong trooper! See, her momma is expecting her baby bro/sis and that meant that she could not go back with her for it was tag...Aunt Jen you are it! I was a little worried that she would remember and dislike me...cause I am forever more looking at her ears or listening to her with my stethescope, etc....and with them living out of town...I am that lady with all the gagets and NOW I took her to the tourture device for xrays...yea....I was pumped to be that Aunt...but at the same time...proud that I could be there to comfort her in the absence of her momma....and guess what...SHE did tourture device to hold Miss Emma still...
We had a old-school x-ray tech who offered to try just 'asking' emma to do it first....BIG thanks to this lady....I stood with emma and held her hands or hips or whatever it took and she was able to get every shot without her even crying..til the last one...where she had to lay down on the table...she was just scared I was going to leave her I think....but we shot it and then we were out of there! Plus the tech let me take a glance and see for myself that Emma was clear of pneumonia....but that was about all I was sure of! But certainly croup...there was no denying that!!! Whew...glad it is over and hope I see all smiles from my sweet Emma for a long while!

to back up:
So yesterday we started with Laila super excited to go watch Emma in her pageant....and ended the night here! She spiked a really high fever and I found myself...once again...hearing the words of my mother saying...

If you ever have a baby with the croup AND a high fever you take them to the HOSPITAL...and she was so right. Laila has never gotten to that point but Emma did! She had an axillary temperature of 102.8 and Aunt JeeJee and I both immediately decided that she needed a bath!! A cool one...scary when the babies get sick.

But either way, she is home and slept well after a whopper dose of I suppose all is well that ends well! but sure was a little scary as we drove to the Emergency room!

So, how was your weekend? Mine....interesting!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just what all have we been doing?

well, it would take me a month to tell you in words so I will attempt in pictures and short narrative...

Basics....we have been busy around the Wade's house...who knew moving would be the slowest time of 2010 for us!!! Suppose we are just thankful to be able to be THIS busy always!!!
Go DAWGS!!! THE pose!!!!!
Famous JeeJee inspired pose! And fun with Jordan in the Junction this past weekend!
(thanks for machele for the pictures)
Laila won a Spirit Stick at the pep rally held at her school last month..
The must have pig hat from the farm!

The ...'I don't think I want to take anymore pictures, Mommy...face'!!!

a trip to Fiddlin Rooster Farm with our friends!

Fun i n the field while Daddy was working!!!

A birthday party for Kamri!!!

'inspecting' daddy's crop!!

Emma seriously LOL at Aunt JeeJee and Laila riding 'PeeWee' the horse...of course!

And Laila...AKA...Pig Pen for the day!!!! But she loved all that dust flying and running in the soft dirt of the field, can't you tell?

Obviously these are in no particular order....but hey, what can I say? We have been ont he go for weeks! Not to mention the fact that I was seriously sick for over a month and also in that time....we had my baby SIL Engagement party at my new house! Lots going on and lots to tell about....but the photo version will have to suffice...just no time for the details....but most of you already know them!
Hope your fall has been just as much fun!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Words of wisdom...

Last night I had to work late so Justin picked Laila up and she had an they scratched choir and he did great....looked in the bag and found the ear drops..but it was an old one and was empty....improvised and borrowed some from Ms Stephanie...which by Laila's report made it 'all better'

Hearing her account of what happened and how they took care of always a treat..

So she (in her most grown up mannerisms) says, Mommy I was just putting a new diaper on Rivers..just pretending she says....and that is when my ear started "hurden"....and then she says....'That is when I knew I had an ear CONFECTION!!' It is so hard not to laugh out loud...but if you do, she won't repeat it...and let's be serious...THAT is worth repeating!!! I must also add that she put her hand on her hip and cocked her head to the side when she made this report!

Girls are FUN!

Hope you have a great the way, I have lots of new pictures of recent....but I am not doing great at posting...Maybe an update with them all will come on Saturday! Who knows, it could happen!

Until then...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I think it was a hit!

Last night I opened Laila's Halloween costume and let her try it on to be sure that it all fit....

These light up....and you better believe there is a HIGH possibility that they will NOT anymore by the time Oct 31st arrives!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This and THAT.....

I don't have any new pictures to post of Laila, or that are available for me to post at the moment..likely some new ones that you have not already seen. But she is up to lots lately. Like growing like a weed and growing up even faster. She comes up with new insights daily...

she is very 'into' new music...all versions...likel little brittany spears...not bad ones...but she loves the beat of hers....stuck like glue- sugarland...U-u Undo all time favorite Carrie underwood....

She has started watching Full House and likes those 'gurls' on there...there is still dora..

Her nighttime prayers are so sweet...just this week...she has thanked God for everything from 'Christmas to her mommy daddy friends then when she starts saying umm...she closes with ....and ALL the peoples! Love it...also love that she is so much better than me! After all isn't that my #1 Goal in life? To excell beyond that of me and Justin? Yep, think so!

She is enjoying Mission Friends and Choir at church lots even though she just began going.

This morning we were discussing that Friday is Pep Rally at her school...and what she would wear and do, etc...she is a HUGE planner like someone else I know...and so she starts out of the blue....asking...where is the band? WHat? I am trying to get dressed and she is all about the band...not a clue where she is going iwth this...and then she says...with know...the cheerleaders FOLLOW the band? So what about the band mommy? OOOHHHHH!! She is connecting this to the junction at MSU and we go watch the cheerleaders and players and band come through....have I mentioned...that she forgets NOTHING?

Around the house....

'we' are finishing up harvesting potatoes around our world and that means late nights working for daddy and nights where Laila and I just do our thing....last night was after 9 before justin got through. I know he hates days like know when everything is busy and something tears up on rest for a working the summer and fall....but not to fret....he will make up for it this winter!

Finishing up projects with decorating and simultaneously make messes and still have to ever gotten the office in good shape...that is a task that just tires me thinking about it....especially at the end of the day! whew! Oh well, I have to do it at some point before it takes me over....I got it to a survivable state and that was where I ended! added to the to do list!

This week....choir, gymnastics.....GREY's anatomy season premier~!!!!! Yippie! friday I hope is a rest day and Saturday a MSU game day complete with lots of calories, company, and cheer! Hopefully we can make this week's trip with far....Laila and I made one day of tailgating and daddy made one night game without us....yep....must be Fall!

that is about all I got for the moment! Hope your Tuesday is great

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: things you want to do before the end of the year

#1 Loose the nagging 10-15 pounds that I continue to work at and FAIL at getting off...I am finally back on track as far as CONSISTENT exercise goes and not taking mini- AND extended vacations...from it is the mini-binges that I go on every weekend and little 'event' that comes along.

#2 Finish all my projects I have going in the house! Like getting the cushion from aunt reva when she completes it for laundry room, clean out Laila's closet....yes I know we just moved in but her closet never got fully unpacked...

Complete hanging family pictures....which includes finding them. I had a great picture of Jessica, chuck, and Emma and I have saved it since they had this family photo done....still not located it...AND sadly I have seen it recently, just can't quite locate it to frame it now tha tI have a frame.

Plus get my brother's family together for a family picture so that I have an updated version of their family! Last family picture that wasn't a snap from christmas....was oakley leah and walt....seriously...I am three children short of it being complete!

Skip on over to ...

and link up!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A day in the life....

So, one of the blogs I like to read....the writer posted 'a day in the life' and since this has been a post I have often pondered doing....I thought...what the I am going to attempt to walk through my day.

Today was a thursday and like any given thursday this fall...but slightly altered from the other days each week. They are all different and unique, but certainly they have similarities and mainstays alike.

3:45am....Laila at bedside...saying she had a bad dream....roll out of bed and stumble with her to her room. To rocking chair...cause it is soothing to me as much as her...and comfort and reassure in silence....somewhere around 4 she slithers from my lap and into the toddler bed...I am glad that means I am free from climbing in there myself. 4:07 find a clock and realize that laying back down is not an option and certainly bad idea if i plan to meet the girls for our morning run...

4:11 start texting those that agreed were in for today's run at last yesterday the night before. start getting texts back as I gather my running clothes previously laid out in our bathroom and tip toe back to the living room, so I do not wake Justin who has managed to sleep through the morning adventure.

4:30 phone...check...headband...check...big huge glass of check alarm off on house..check and slip out the door hoping that I do not wake my sleeping family...out of the house and into the car...I remember I have a rock in my tire and dread leaving as this is sure to wake even the out the driveway and to town I go to meet the morning crew...

4:50---ish arrive at meeting spot in style....remember I have LOUD rock in tire and it is screeching....after we chuckle and pick apart what all can be wrong with my car...we start out after warm-up for the morning run...plan to push myself and try to break my 30 minute 5K time...which I realize is slow but in the dark and with all my obstacles of the past 2 years...I am pleased to be able to run without stopping or even wanting to...and trying to push to beat that barrier of time. in the first half mile I fool with my iPhone and it even falls to the ground...WRONG shorts...mental note to not wear them ever again for a road run with belt clip for phone! Comfy otherwise....finally settle in on my back and settle in....first mile...9:45....I am ok since I fooled with phone so much...still ok at 2 mile mark and knowing i have to push this last one to skim it down below the 30....cross the 3.1 mi mark...check time..30:58..........uggghhhh!!!! Text R and complain as she has just completed her run on treadmill at home due to injury- yes I know...complaining to my injured friend who is still running is wrong but she relates and tolerates. walk and cool, stretch, drink water, quick chat with others, debate certain issues about what causes certain pains, etc...and the screeching....and jet home to get Justin up to inspect the tire....for fear that the burnt rubber smell present when I arrived at the meeting spot possibly indication that something besides a rock was the issue...5:45 arrive home and he is awake in bed...give spill about the rock vs majoyr problem....hubbby then arose and headed out in the car....oh yea...turned oven on and placed backing stone in to heat....jumped in shower....

6:00 Laila wanders into bathroom and finds her usual spot...laying on the rug watching me complete morning task at hand....

6:05 out of shower and towel on, head to kitchen, put premade sausage balls- family favorite....into oven and set timer....otherwise WILL burn them. Return to getting dressed after settling little one with blanket and a new episode of dora...return to bathroom and open blinds to check out hubby at airport..hanger doors open and he is scurrying around the car off and on....not sure what he is doing but confident it will be fixed by leaving time.

6:30 hubby is home and reports there was a rock....kiss goodbye and he is out. 6:50 ready for work and struggling to get the diet coke, second big glass of water and ALL the stuff for the day to the car...

return in for laila...gymnastics bag with all necessitites packed....forgot snacks for commute to gymnastics but reserve stopping before I pick the girls up....

7:05 on road after loading up and buckling up

7:27 signed sweet girl in at daycare after hugs and kisses and back to the with steph and arrange afternoon plans and finish the morning commute to work.

8:06 arrive on campus and score an unheard of parking spot in the first lot!!! Wooohooo! In the office, turning on radio, computer, etc...grab the pen and head to the clinic to complete the charting for the 30+ exams done the day before....mixed amongst lots of other day to day and regular- taking care of business and random chat with co-workers....

11:05 run to local children's boutique for neice Ava's birthday present and find a perfect winter dress for munchin and opt to pick it up as well. Also spy the perfect item for neice Emma's upcoming bday in December and go ahead and get that. Pay, wait for wrapping and return to work. Jet to cafeteria to grab some lunch and back to charting...

1:45 accompany Beverly to work on a pump refill that is difficult and likely about 40 minutes later return to the clinic...whew....more charting and bathroom break...

4:25 leave work and make my way 25 minutes back to daycare, get the girls after grabbing milk and cheetos for snack for girls...change them both into gymnastic leotard and secure safely into carseats--- snacks the road now...5:13...

arrive gymnastics after nearly hour commute at 6:03pm and quickly put shoes one, clean faces, and slip in the back door...class not yet beginning and I can breath a moment. I talk with other mommas while girls are in class and I wait...

6:45pm girls emerge with the one candy and stamp, smiling and ready to go. Shoes on, return to car seats, settle them both in, discuss where we are headed..give rules about heading to TOYS R US...yes I am brave and me and the 2- 3 1/2 year old girls head to the toy store to pick up birthday gifts for the weekend and upcoming week parties.....7:15 out of toys r us....whew..glad that was in one piece...even accomplished the gifts and nothing for the girls...and free of melt downs....granted they found all sorts of things for Santa to pick up and bring to them for CHristmas....

To chick-fil-a for some supper...bathroom check....hands washed....and to the counter to order. chicken nuggets, fruit cups, and milk to GO! Napkins and out the door again....ensuring we lock hands, hold tight, and stop look and listen for cars....back to the car seat drill again and finally we are back in. HAve the what movie to watch going home talk and opt for sesame cranked and discover NO gas!!! To kroger we go...just right there...fill 'er up and hit the road......checking time....just about 8 pm!

quietly drive home and listen to the conversations of two very sweet girls...mostly small talk but paying attention to the pronouciation of things and how they really do use their manners as well as correct one another when they fail to. Please and thank yous exchanged....then they play 'pretend to be the baby games' and even take turns without being ordered to do so....8:40 check in with CL nanny about arrival time to her house....

9:05 drop CL off and unload her carseat and to home we go! Laila dozing off and on and admitting to being tired....9:17 arrive at home and greeted by the dogs....unlock door and a few items....get Laila from car seat AGAIN and talk her into carrying a few things and gather all my arms can carry and into the house we go. Unloading were possible or appropriate, if bath for Laila and then vitamin, hair brushing then fluffing to prevent the 'CRAZY hair' and return to the rocker! ahhhh!!!!! Discuss the day and what is next as Laila asks....and slither back to the bed....she requests I lay down but knowing there is no time for this...I promise to return knowing that she is so tired she will fall asleep faster if I opt out now....

10:40 sat down to type this and now....exhausted from the recap...but also pleased to just be sitting and taking it all in!

to bed I go.........

Monday, September 6, 2010

Announcing Colten...

Since I joined the Wade family, we have welcomed lots of new members....First Laila, then Uncle Chuck, then Emma Cate...and now....Uncle Colten...

Yes, you heard right and it is likely old news to many but maybe you have not seen him. While this isn't the best close up of is the newest pciture that I have and the only one I have a clue where it is. is Colten...Laila certainly approves and he is highly tolerant of all she imposes on sitting in the corner and playing her other games. So come next May..Colten and Jena will wed and we are so happy for them both!

Meet Colten-

He is actually holding Laila up to watch Fan Fare at this past weekends' MSU game!

Fun with Friends

Laila and Cobi Lann MSU vs Memphis

Friday, September 3, 2010

Long weekends

Labor day weekend......ahhhhhhhhhhh..........a long weekend! Can't wait.

Today Laila is spending with her Mamaw and being spoiled up good. She'll be home by ten-ish just in time to head to bed and get ready for tomorrow.

I am going to take advantage of Justin and Laila both being gone...and go for a daylight run alone when I get home. Looking forward to it. Haven't set it into stone but think I am going to shoot for a long run and maybe get over some of the soreness I have from doing Insanity video Wednesday night and then running early Thursday good wow! needless to say, sitting down is slightly uncomfortable.

tomorrow...Laila and I will head out after we run our errands and take care of things......headed out to tailgate in good ole Starkville, MS and cheer up the Bulldog's in this season's opener. Aunt Jes and Emma Cate will be there, as well as Cobi lann and piper, Jack - our friend from tupelo and hopefully even more of our friends will stop in and play with us as we eat too much good food and have fun visiting! Looking forward. This is the first game that I have EVER gone to without it shall be interesting...but Laila and I go all the time, so what is a few million people?

Then Sunday we have kick off for Mission Friends at church Sunday night and then...

ahhhhh Monday......I hope that it is as peaceful as I am hoping for it to be! :)

Take care this weekend, and be safe. hope you all have a great peaceful long weekend...and if you have to be unlucky and work...I hope you make up for it later!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Webster defines it as: Training that corrects, molds, or perfects mental faculties or moral character.

WordNet says discipline is: to train by instruction and practice; espeically to teach self-control.

Why am I 'studying' this? Well, this week, my daughter told a lie. She followed through with human nature...she didn't do her work during school today and was punished(disciplined) for this by having to stay in from her regular play time and one of her little friends, spilled the beans when I picked her up. I questioned her about this; she first said yes, I didn't do my work. I then began to explain that she was going to be punished and that she would not be able to watch her 'go-to' show---Dora! Not a few minutes later, she withdrew her confession and reported that she had in fact NOT, not done her work. Stating that she did go to the gym, and she did do her work....and with lots of other things going on of her little friends pulling her glasses off and I thought that she could have possibly been removed from class for this reason, I explained what would happen and gave her a chance to tell me whatever the real truth kept with her story that she did do her work, and she did go to the gym. So we proceeded and I knew that I would ask in the morning. She watched over an hour of Dora....I know that is bad...but she goes all day long too and this is her down time in the evenings and I was able to cook a healthy supper for us in that time. Anyway, at bathtime...she tells me that she actually didn't do her work and she missed gym time. At this point....I explained that she was in trouble and that she was going to have to face the to speak. Having to go tell her daddy what she had done, that she lied, and that she understood what her punishment would be. She wasn't happy and she cried but overall she took it well. Justin explained that she needed a spanking for lying and I agreed but the way this whole thing unfolded....I felt like he needed to do it if it was to be done. Just didn't feel like the form of punishment to correct this, if you will. Sooo after a time, she was told that she would have to go to bed alone (without rocking, reading, or me laying down with her, etc) Then came the tears....the calculated 'What ifs' My favorite was....'What if something happens to me?' as if we were going to not check in on her. Anyway, he explained that she would be fine and to bed she I was leaving her, she says: Mommy, "I said I was sorry for that" Break your heart but I knew that these are the battles that YOU HAVE TO WIN..but I do agree they are difficult to do. I took out to my bathtub and avoided the cries from her room and left her daddy to do the tough stuff. As this is where he excels much better than I.

So her punishment continues at the moment. She is not allowed to watch Dora until Friday. 3 days of punishment. 3 days of discipline! and I must say that she is handling it much better than I thought. I almost forgot that part of her that she isn't allowed to cry when she is told no about watching Dora. This is usually what she wakes up asking and what she comes in from school asking, and what she wants just before bed....making it a good tool to teach discipline! I hope that she will learn from this that she should always tell the truth and as the week has gone, we have explained at different times that had she told the truth that it would have only been one day without Dora but that her lying about what happened made it THREE times worse. I realize that this is a difficult concept for her...but three days without your favorite thing...has to remind you that you don't want to repeat that act! I overheard her daddy asking her this morning as she was watching the NEWS with do remember why you can't watch Dora, don't you? While this is like digging into a sore wound...I think with her short attention span, this is important. As much as reinforcing that telling the truth, that she has to follow the rules in all settings. If she is supposed to be doing work, that is what she needs to be doing.

Bottom line... I want her to learn early and fully....that life is full of rules; you don't have to like them...but you must respect them or be ready to suffer the consequence that follows if you choose break them.

Being trustworthy and dependable... is paramount to being successful.

That being honest has to be a part of who she is! This is a value I hope to instill in her character. After all, telling the truth in a loving way is very difficult to do.

so this week and always we are focused on being consistent in our training that corrects, molds, and perfects her mental faculties and moral character. What an important job! What an intimidating task. It is easy to see why the majority of the world is so mixed up. It is EASY to agree with and let things takes MUCH more discipline for Justin and I to do the RIGHT thing for Laila than to cave to what is easy. To correct her, to mold her, to perfect who she that when we are not there..we can be confident that she WILL make the right decision 100% of the time! AND that she will be aware when she fails to and hopefully she will also know how to; as well as have the courage to...make it right!!

I could go on forever about how the moral compass of society is off. This past week in Sunday School the speaker made this point...we are not good people that occassionally make mistakes, but rather at the heart of our nature; we are in fact sinners that sometimes do good things! In arguing his point he posed the question of how often do you sit your children down and show them how to hit their sibling, or teach them to is in our we came from Adam. We are sinners...and it is a life long battle and struggle to be more like christ....he is the only perfect one, indeed!

So this week.......I am looking at discipline in a different light than I have taken time to before. Obviously these are not new concepts but when you have children, you become aware more and more each day that God has blessed you with one of his children; to have them as your own...but that with this blessing comes the job of shaping someone's moral character...if that doesn't scare the mess out of might want to rethink it! Sure gives me that lump in my know...gosh I hope I don't mess this up! I sure don't want to mess this up. I don't think that everyone stresses over these 'little' things enough....If we did, there would likely be fewer problems in society. We all freak when they send us home from the hospital with these helpless creatures....but do we painstakingly obscess over all the details and daily corects as we did about those first bottles? Are they eating enough? What is that, a rash? Are they breathing? Do I? Am I missing opportunities to correct?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Read on if you desire at Shut up and Run... a running mom

One of my favorite places to visit since I began reading in blogs. She is real, she is honest, and often times funny! She is a mom who has only been running as long as I have....and boy she sure didn't take a break like I did off and on!

Many of you might not care to read on to other blogs....but still some of you might just find her interesting.

She is a runner....much more focused and disciplined and with different goals than I have, but in general her overall themes...I easily relate to(in regard to running) and I like her humor- in her story check her out if you like to read about others! I always like to see how other mothers do know raise successful children, and they enjoy sharing about the special bond that mom's and kiddos share. There is a general respect for this 'society of people'...when you don't agree with all someone says or even know them but rather share common ground.

Go here to check her out at Shut up and Run! I also get the sense that this chick does not settle for excuses! Which is also a positive quality! After all, we can DO anything as long as we don't stop trying....just might take a while!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A question from Jessica's blog?

How do you answer the question, "What is Prayer?"

my answer:

It is conversation with IS your relationship with him!

So what is your answer to this question?

go check out my sis-in-law's blog and play her question game!

To go there, click here!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall.......well not yet but oh does it feel like it today?

While it is not yet Fall out...this morning at 4:30 am when I walked out the door to meet my fellow runners...I was pleasantly surpirsed that it was cool! To a summer scorched was almost cold...dare I say those words?

either way.....I love love love the changing of seasons and I didn't even always notice this! Guess I am noticably getting older! It was when I traveled that I realized that this was actually something that I enjoyed and took for granted because in Southern California...the season really never changes a whole lot...especially not on the same time schedule as it does here in the good ole south!

Well..I very much loved my morning run as I LOVE to run in the cold! It is my favorite time for sure. Especially the milder changing seasons the most. Still sweat but can breath and go farther without so much effort.

Also, even after I arrived to work today I was surprised was stil very nice out and I had several walks to go see people this morning and I was just 'soaking it up'!! I mean I even paused to take this picture...

I love what I do very much and love the people I work with and for....but even if I didn't who could resist the scenery and joy that this adds to busy work days? This is a main sidewalk that I go down everyday if not MANY times each day. October is likely the BEST time of year as far as beauty when those leaves start turning loose their leaves and the colors are changing....I will load up another imagine and share my daily dose of reminder of how truly tallented God is and how much forethought he possessed. Cool guy!
Oh and guess you noticed the change of colors..while I don't love it...that summer brightness...well it was time to go..Summer is fading and Fall is bulldozing it's way in....YES I know it will be hot for lots longer and in a day or so this peaceful wave will be gone likely...but I am just preparing for change and enjoying the nice weather...because with Fall comes WINTER...and it is cold- very cold out and it rains and is nasty and your pants legs get nasty and make you colder...etc....get my drift...with all this nice stuff also comes the extreme temperatures....too bad my clients don't know to only get sick when it is really nice out :) that would be great!
hope you are all enjoying this beautiful- almost Fall weather!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekends at home...

Don't you just love weekends at home? I sure do!

This weekend was filled with Laila's pop- justin's dad- returning from Iowa...his regular summer long work- trip. So Friday morning as we are rushing to get to school and work....I quickly stopped in for Laila to give Pop a hug and kiss and off to our regular routine we went.

It was a weekend with Mamaw and Papaw for Laila on Friday night and with mother at the house a few days this past week....Laila skillfully con-ed my mother into picking her up 'real fast' which means... "early so we have time before we go get the other kids at big school- which entails a trip to local Dollar General store for toys and likely candy! So with Laila being gone, mom and dad were free to do something childless! Being that it is August and that means busy days of flying(we hope) and gearing up for diggin' sweet potatoes..that being true...Justin was wiped so we opted for supper in and to bed early...yep we are getting old and he does not fight it as much as he used to either!

also on Friday Aunt Jes and Emma Cate came by see all the fun things that were transformed at the house with my Aunt Ruth decorating this past week AND to reveal some big NEWS! YEP, EC was proudly sporting a 'Big Sister' shirt! She looked pretty excited about it but I think it was just because it was getting her lots of loud fun attention! you know almost two year olds love to steal the show and that she did. looking so cute...she spilled the beans....

then came Jena- other sis-in-law on Wade's side...with great news that the had Found THE dress....for her upcoming spring wedding! She was all smiles and excitement in the air....with that big purchase down and all the major things decided Wade- Anthony wedding is officially under construction.

Complete with a wedding date we are now looking at May 14th and that is going to be nice and cool but pretty and think it is a great day for a gives everyone plenty of time to plan and get ready!

Saturday morning I woke and was out of the house by 7- meeting jena for a morning....get ready for wedding gown run! She is just starting and I was pushing a goal this weekend....and I am proud to say.....I MADE it...

4.6 miles in 53:32! Wasn't great time...but hey....I survived it and was feeling good at the end! With the house finally complete....I am back to enjoying to run and hopefully some more weight will 'melt off'

Busy Saturday morning and then off to cousin Brady's birthday party- my Walt and sis-in-law Leah's third born and fun child! Brady- like all the Edington kiddos is well rounded and knows what he likes...all things boy to be exact. He loves guns, guns, guns, oh and knives, knives...he used to call guns 'pows' and I LOVED that but I am sure that he is getting too big for that kind of talk! (So sad when they loose their toddler words!!) anyway, I met my mom at Brady's nannies house for a pool party...and my always ready to swim 3 year old...didn't even want to wear her bathing suit??? who knows...great party it was hot, there were hot dogs, cheetos, ranch dip and kool-aid...complete with cake and ice cream and you have yourself the perfect party! Throw in a pirate pinata and you REALLY have a great time...esp since it is candy filled! AND they got to beat it until it burst!

We depart the party and head to see Pop- for a real visit and Laila was unwilling to leave Saturday! her usual. Great visits and then home for an afternoon nap. After napping laila had her...I wanna see Granna melt-down and just as we recovered....Granna calls and so I give her the option of going to eat supper with me and LaLa- cousin Lauren...or to the Bentley community building with Granna....noo-brainer...I was out!

Delivered her to grands and then back home I find justin....we opt for old faithful Nancy's for supper that Lauren and I picked up and brought home. Trent, Lauren's boyfriend and fellow farmer to Justin rolled in as we were gone to town- as is usual with this time of year. He is larger farmer than justin and has been diggin' for a while now....daylight to dark and half asleep when they get back to you! By the way.....where else but Calhoun city can you live and you call in your take out order....the proprietor charbroiler is broken and I only have the you still want that steak? and your husband replies " Just ask Nancy or Lee if I can just buy the meat? Are you kidding me....but I ask and they say...sure! So we pick up our supper and potatoes for the guys and too LARGE -RAW steaks! not rare....but RAW meat!

back home the grill fired up they grill steaks and all is well! LOVE Nancy's! A southern pleasure and go to for me!

Sunday was to be lazy day and it began that way.....but was completed with house full of friends and fun! Fish cooking, skeet shooting, few beer-partaking, summer night! oh and don't forget the homemade ice cream! Doesn't get in better than that.....

except for the morning rising and reality of starting my monday with FILTHY floors....something about the way the morning sun hits that stained concrete to reveal ONE MILLION dusty foot prints....but small price to pay for summer night of fellowship with friends! it is nice to finally be able to have everyone over and enjoy the kids as well!

so was a great weekend, complete with birthday party, welcome home, and family fun!

Didn't get to see my daddy but did see all the rest of our families and Laila logged some Papaw time on Friday with hot dogs and playing at the old place with her all is complete!

Hope you all had a great fun-filled weekend too!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So what has Laila learned?

Well she is learning to write....YES write her letters....she is tracing the letter A in her work and has even managed to write it on her own some...which is cool because she only has two other letters in her name...which means....if we work on it..she will be able to write her own name in no time!

and my most recent favorite....She can consistently recite...the three states that start with A..."Alabe-ma, Ah-laska, and my all time favorite...Ar-fensaw" Yep love those words that come from her! but I am super proud that she is so smart and learning so much. Obviously I think she is the smartest kid most moms...but this has been very neat to here her repeat! Impressed and proud I am!

One other thing to note...she has finally learned to drive her barbie jeep that my parents got her last year for with learning...came growing...since it constantly gets stuck in gravel, grass, etc..Justin up'd the speed on it and she FLIES!!! not quite sure yet that this was the safest decision...but as my daddy tells me...that is why you have two parents! I am the cautious one and Justin lets her 'live life much more freely'...which fosters independence and I REALLY want that for her ....I think my parents did this for me! But currently I have been wondering just how you make them fully independent and still protect them from all the bad!???

If I ever figure out how to post a video I will post a flash video...she is sure to go sailing off the porch sooner rather than later...she just circles the carport and she does it QUICKLY! and laughs the whole time!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The best things happen when you aren't 'looking'

This week...I got home...unloaded all that my arms could carry and coaxed Laila to actually walk into the house herself and NOT whine that I am not carrying her. (I know she needs to be more independent...and I do encourage her but there are soooo many GROWN up thigns that she says and does that I generally just give her this as 'our time' in the evenings and that is why my car looks like it does! You know...a little bit of everything left in there...just in case you 'need' it..and low and behold jsut when you break down and clean it NEED it!)

Ok so back to my actual point, I rush into the house...trying desperately to put things where they go and not where they land...and simultaneously settle Laila into something she will do while I clean and think about just what we will do for supper. Anyway, to my surprise she chose the playroom and went all into a playtime that was great...time to make waves. So as I washed dishes and cleaned the bar for the millionth time and put things away, washed clothes, etc...she was quietly entertaining herself.

I returned to the playroom as I took a break from this nightly routine and asked what she would have for supper....she smiles and says..HOTDOG!!! shocker...but not tonight...I started in redirecting to something....anything...not it is her 'go to meal' I know but it is considered meat? right? Actually she eats pretty good and eats a good lunch everyday so some days...especially summer days....I don't sweat it. If we hit 4 good meals in a week for supper I feel like I won something. Anyway, I pose several ideas and she bites at shrimp...which works cause this is actually something I am just warming up from cook out last I return to heat up supper and add a few things and make a salad...which she really likes too...see I am not all bad! Of course she also LOVES ice cream and popcicles! But who doesn't...well that are normal anyways....She yells as I leave the room..hey momma....can I eat in my playroom.....which is a daddy no but he was going to be gone and THERE IS A TABLE in there! SO I say...yes I will eat with you and we will eat at your little pink table..I is ok...she knows it is an exception and some rules are just ok to break. So back to my kitchen duties...Just before I am done with our meal...I hear an AWFUL noise from the playroom and it sounds like hardwood floors being enscribed! So I say...Laila....there is a pause...noise is over and she is at least it is over or she stopped. I take the mickey mouse plate of shrimp and sippy cup of water to the room and this is what I find!!!!!!

She looks up at me and says. 'Hey momma...I move it for you!' she was soooo proud of herself. She you can eat with me' She even pulled the chair out...nevermind that she didn't think of my inability to see tv as well...but the key is...she was excited about eating supper with me in her 'playroom'.......Awe....see Daddy does not get it if he thinks that it isn't ok to break the rule and have a party with your 3 year old. She nearly broke her neck trying to watch the tv that is up high...AND we later moved it to the back wall so she could peacefully watch her movie and eat at the same time...but how sweet...that she thought she should move the table out and patiently wait for our little supper party! There are not any scratches on the new hardwood floors yet...but we have only been there 2 there is more time for scratching to occur! I suppose...if there are any....I hope that there will be a great memory such as this to attach to that scratch! So in years to come...I will remember...that the best things really do happen when you aren't looking or anticipating their happening! So this day...I headed back to the kitchen, got my phone and returned to snap picture and soak up the moment of her thoughtfullness

She is a treasure and on those days I want to be beamed up...I try...really hard ,I try, to stop and find the moment in it...because she is growing up sooo fast that I don't want to miss them in the hustle and bustle of everyday stuff!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The girls....

Well, better late than never...I am still working on June Beach trip uploads! These are some of my favorites of the girls!
Emma being silly and enjoying the spray ground!
JeeJee (aunt Jena) with her girls!

clowning around!

Emma doesn't always appreciate Laila's TLC! Ha...can't imagine why?

Just relaxing....

sweet sugars!

Aunt Jes and Emma Cate!

All in all...we had a blast...we ate, we slept, we played, and ALL things girly!