Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall.......well not yet but oh does it feel like it today?

While it is not yet Fall out...this morning at 4:30 am when I walked out the door to meet my fellow runners...I was pleasantly surpirsed that it was cool! To a summer scorched body....it was almost cold...dare I say those words?

either way.....I love love love the changing of seasons and I didn't even always notice this! Guess I am noticably getting older! It was when I traveled that I realized that this was actually something that I enjoyed and took for granted because in Southern California...the season really never changes a whole lot...especially not on the same time schedule as it does here in the good ole south!

Well..I very much loved my morning run as I LOVE to run in the cold! It is my favorite time for sure. Especially the milder changing seasons the most. Still sweat but can breath and go farther without so much effort.

Also, even after I arrived to work today I was surprised was stil very nice out and I had several walks to go see people this morning and I was just 'soaking it up'!! I mean I even paused to take this picture...

I love what I do very much and love the people I work with and for....but even if I didn't who could resist the scenery and joy that this adds to busy work days? This is a main sidewalk that I go down everyday if not MANY times each day. October is likely the BEST time of year as far as beauty goes...so when those leaves start turning loose their leaves and the colors are changing....I will load up another imagine and share my daily dose of reminder of how truly tallented God is and how much forethought he possessed. Cool guy!
Oh and guess you noticed the change of colors..while I don't love it...that summer brightness...well it was time to go..Summer is fading and Fall is bulldozing it's way in....YES I know it will be hot for lots longer and in a day or so this peaceful wave will be gone likely...but I am just preparing for change and enjoying the nice weather...because with Fall comes WINTER...and it is cold- very cold out and it rains and is nasty and your pants legs get nasty and make you colder...etc....get my drift...with all this nice stuff also comes the extreme temperatures....too bad my clients don't know to only get sick when it is really nice out :) that would be great!
hope you are all enjoying this beautiful- almost Fall weather!

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