Friday, August 27, 2010

Read on if you desire at Shut up and Run... a running mom

One of my favorite places to visit since I began reading in blogs. She is real, she is honest, and often times funny! She is a mom who has only been running as long as I have....and boy she sure didn't take a break like I did off and on!

Many of you might not care to read on to other blogs....but still some of you might just find her interesting.

She is a runner....much more focused and disciplined and with different goals than I have, but in general her overall themes...I easily relate to(in regard to running) and I like her humor- in her story check her out if you like to read about others! I always like to see how other mothers do know raise successful children, and they enjoy sharing about the special bond that mom's and kiddos share. There is a general respect for this 'society of people'...when you don't agree with all someone says or even know them but rather share common ground.

Go here to check her out at Shut up and Run! I also get the sense that this chick does not settle for excuses! Which is also a positive quality! After all, we can DO anything as long as we don't stop trying....just might take a while!

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