Thursday, August 12, 2010

The best things happen when you aren't 'looking'

This week...I got home...unloaded all that my arms could carry and coaxed Laila to actually walk into the house herself and NOT whine that I am not carrying her. (I know she needs to be more independent...and I do encourage her but there are soooo many GROWN up thigns that she says and does that I generally just give her this as 'our time' in the evenings and that is why my car looks like it does! You know...a little bit of everything left in there...just in case you 'need' it..and low and behold jsut when you break down and clean it NEED it!)

Ok so back to my actual point, I rush into the house...trying desperately to put things where they go and not where they land...and simultaneously settle Laila into something she will do while I clean and think about just what we will do for supper. Anyway, to my surprise she chose the playroom and went all into a playtime that was great...time to make waves. So as I washed dishes and cleaned the bar for the millionth time and put things away, washed clothes, etc...she was quietly entertaining herself.

I returned to the playroom as I took a break from this nightly routine and asked what she would have for supper....she smiles and says..HOTDOG!!! shocker...but not tonight...I started in redirecting to something....anything...not it is her 'go to meal' I know but it is considered meat? right? Actually she eats pretty good and eats a good lunch everyday so some days...especially summer days....I don't sweat it. If we hit 4 good meals in a week for supper I feel like I won something. Anyway, I pose several ideas and she bites at shrimp...which works cause this is actually something I am just warming up from cook out last I return to heat up supper and add a few things and make a salad...which she really likes too...see I am not all bad! Of course she also LOVES ice cream and popcicles! But who doesn't...well that are normal anyways....She yells as I leave the room..hey momma....can I eat in my playroom.....which is a daddy no but he was going to be gone and THERE IS A TABLE in there! SO I say...yes I will eat with you and we will eat at your little pink table..I is ok...she knows it is an exception and some rules are just ok to break. So back to my kitchen duties...Just before I am done with our meal...I hear an AWFUL noise from the playroom and it sounds like hardwood floors being enscribed! So I say...Laila....there is a pause...noise is over and she is at least it is over or she stopped. I take the mickey mouse plate of shrimp and sippy cup of water to the room and this is what I find!!!!!!

She looks up at me and says. 'Hey momma...I move it for you!' she was soooo proud of herself. She you can eat with me' She even pulled the chair out...nevermind that she didn't think of my inability to see tv as well...but the key is...she was excited about eating supper with me in her 'playroom'.......Awe....see Daddy does not get it if he thinks that it isn't ok to break the rule and have a party with your 3 year old. She nearly broke her neck trying to watch the tv that is up high...AND we later moved it to the back wall so she could peacefully watch her movie and eat at the same time...but how sweet...that she thought she should move the table out and patiently wait for our little supper party! There are not any scratches on the new hardwood floors yet...but we have only been there 2 there is more time for scratching to occur! I suppose...if there are any....I hope that there will be a great memory such as this to attach to that scratch! So in years to come...I will remember...that the best things really do happen when you aren't looking or anticipating their happening! So this day...I headed back to the kitchen, got my phone and returned to snap picture and soak up the moment of her thoughtfullness

She is a treasure and on those days I want to be beamed up...I try...really hard ,I try, to stop and find the moment in it...because she is growing up sooo fast that I don't want to miss them in the hustle and bustle of everyday stuff!

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