Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So what has Laila learned?

Well she is learning to write....YES write her letters....she is tracing the letter A in her work and has even managed to write it on her own some...which is cool because she only has two other letters in her name...which means....if we work on it..she will be able to write her own name in no time!

and my most recent favorite....She can consistently recite...the three states that start with A..."Alabe-ma, Ah-laska, and my all time favorite...Ar-fensaw" Yep love those words that come from her! but I am super proud that she is so smart and learning so much. Obviously I think she is the smartest kid most moms...but this has been very neat to here her repeat! Impressed and proud I am!

One other thing to note...she has finally learned to drive her barbie jeep that my parents got her last year for with learning...came growing...since it constantly gets stuck in gravel, grass, etc..Justin up'd the speed on it and she FLIES!!! not quite sure yet that this was the safest decision...but as my daddy tells me...that is why you have two parents! I am the cautious one and Justin lets her 'live life much more freely'...which fosters independence and I REALLY want that for her ....I think my parents did this for me! But currently I have been wondering just how you make them fully independent and still protect them from all the bad!???

If I ever figure out how to post a video I will post a flash video...she is sure to go sailing off the porch sooner rather than later...she just circles the carport and she does it QUICKLY! and laughs the whole time!

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