Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekends at home...

Don't you just love weekends at home? I sure do!

This weekend was filled with Laila's pop- justin's dad- returning from Iowa...his regular summer long work- trip. So Friday morning as we are rushing to get to school and work....I quickly stopped in for Laila to give Pop a hug and kiss and off to our regular routine we went.

It was a weekend with Mamaw and Papaw for Laila on Friday night and with mother at the house a few days this past week....Laila skillfully con-ed my mother into picking her up 'real fast' which means... "early so we have time before we go get the other kids at big school- which entails a trip to local Dollar General store for toys and likely candy! So with Laila being gone, mom and dad were free to do something childless! Being that it is August and that means busy days of flying(we hope) and gearing up for diggin' sweet potatoes..that being true...Justin was wiped so we opted for supper in and to bed early...yep we are getting old and he does not fight it as much as he used to either!

also on Friday Aunt Jes and Emma Cate came by see all the fun things that were transformed at the house with my Aunt Ruth decorating this past week AND to reveal some big NEWS! YEP, EC was proudly sporting a 'Big Sister' shirt! She looked pretty excited about it but I think it was just because it was getting her lots of loud fun attention! you know almost two year olds love to steal the show and that she did. looking so cute...she spilled the beans....

then came Jena- other sis-in-law on Wade's side...with great news that the had Found THE dress....for her upcoming spring wedding! She was all smiles and excitement in the air....with that big purchase down and all the major things decided Wade- Anthony wedding is officially under construction.

Complete with a wedding date we are now looking at May 14th and that is going to be nice and cool but pretty and think it is a great day for a gives everyone plenty of time to plan and get ready!

Saturday morning I woke and was out of the house by 7- meeting jena for a morning....get ready for wedding gown run! She is just starting and I was pushing a goal this weekend....and I am proud to say.....I MADE it...

4.6 miles in 53:32! Wasn't great time...but hey....I survived it and was feeling good at the end! With the house finally complete....I am back to enjoying to run and hopefully some more weight will 'melt off'

Busy Saturday morning and then off to cousin Brady's birthday party- my Walt and sis-in-law Leah's third born and fun child! Brady- like all the Edington kiddos is well rounded and knows what he likes...all things boy to be exact. He loves guns, guns, guns, oh and knives, knives...he used to call guns 'pows' and I LOVED that but I am sure that he is getting too big for that kind of talk! (So sad when they loose their toddler words!!) anyway, I met my mom at Brady's nannies house for a pool party...and my always ready to swim 3 year old...didn't even want to wear her bathing suit??? who knows...great party it was hot, there were hot dogs, cheetos, ranch dip and kool-aid...complete with cake and ice cream and you have yourself the perfect party! Throw in a pirate pinata and you REALLY have a great time...esp since it is candy filled! AND they got to beat it until it burst!

We depart the party and head to see Pop- for a real visit and Laila was unwilling to leave Saturday! her usual. Great visits and then home for an afternoon nap. After napping laila had her...I wanna see Granna melt-down and just as we recovered....Granna calls and so I give her the option of going to eat supper with me and LaLa- cousin Lauren...or to the Bentley community building with Granna....noo-brainer...I was out!

Delivered her to grands and then back home I find justin....we opt for old faithful Nancy's for supper that Lauren and I picked up and brought home. Trent, Lauren's boyfriend and fellow farmer to Justin rolled in as we were gone to town- as is usual with this time of year. He is larger farmer than justin and has been diggin' for a while now....daylight to dark and half asleep when they get back to you! By the way.....where else but Calhoun city can you live and you call in your take out order....the proprietor charbroiler is broken and I only have the you still want that steak? and your husband replies " Just ask Nancy or Lee if I can just buy the meat? Are you kidding me....but I ask and they say...sure! So we pick up our supper and potatoes for the guys and too LARGE -RAW steaks! not rare....but RAW meat!

back home the grill fired up they grill steaks and all is well! LOVE Nancy's! A southern pleasure and go to for me!

Sunday was to be lazy day and it began that way.....but was completed with house full of friends and fun! Fish cooking, skeet shooting, few beer-partaking, summer night! oh and don't forget the homemade ice cream! Doesn't get in better than that.....

except for the morning rising and reality of starting my monday with FILTHY floors....something about the way the morning sun hits that stained concrete to reveal ONE MILLION dusty foot prints....but small price to pay for summer night of fellowship with friends! it is nice to finally be able to have everyone over and enjoy the kids as well!

so was a great weekend, complete with birthday party, welcome home, and family fun!

Didn't get to see my daddy but did see all the rest of our families and Laila logged some Papaw time on Friday with hot dogs and playing at the old place with her all is complete!

Hope you all had a great fun-filled weekend too!

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