Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Tangent!

Ok so I only have one thing i am going to gripe about.....

my running....well my lack of it! I have worked so hard to be able to run any distance that I desired on any given day.

  • i've ran smart

  • taken rest days

  • listened to my body

  • bought new shoes

  • took it easy when i would rather have gone for it

and where did all that smarts get me????

NOT running !!!!!! I am so frustrated that my durn heel/calf are NOT listening and cooperating. I know that it is just part of it. that everyone goes through hard times. I GET IT!!! but I am icing, resting, stretching 5+ times a day and holding for 1 minute each stretch.

And yet, I still have not gotten more than 2 work outs in in the last few weeks.

So, I know I need new shoes....apparently....ran without an insert and back to a week of rest and struggled out 15 smart minutes SAturday to not have run since....

So what will I do this weekend? Go the the special store and BUY new shoes...BUT my question is....how do I know what shoes to buy this time. I wore worn out New Balance when I began running and NEVER had a problem.....then I had a last minute but tested purchase of Reebok running shoes....started having trouble at 6 month mark with them and got these Asics that have served me well....and since Double decker.....no real running. I am am sad! I miss it, I miss my buddies that I run with. I miss that time. Dont' get me wrong, I am enjoying the sleeping in and not rising at 4 AM....but just 3 days a week....I yearned for that sleep deprivation and the endorphines that came with even a bad morning run!

I am stressed and tired and I know if I could jsut go for a run....my outlook would be little better, even just for a little while!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's FINALLY Friday!

I seem to be saying this every week lately....I mean my life is so hectic and crazy I never posted pictures from Laila's graduation in May. Her Music at Easter...Her gymnastics recital...etc...she is so busy these days and she and I are constantly on the go. I just knew that it would slow down this summer when gymnastics was over for a few months and we didn't have to make that trip to Tupelo every week....but it never ends....when it slows down for a few minutes...something jumps in the vacant hole and here we go again.

My mother got stung by a VARMENT 2 weeks ago today and has been one sick cookie. She has seen more doctors and hospitals in the past two weeks than ever in her year combined I think. I hope and pray that she is on the mend and will be back to herself very soon. She is seeing a specialist about this allergic reaction thing next week and I am so glad. I sure want to do what is best to prevent this from ever happening to her again. She literally almost died and it was a terrifying thing...cause we went in for an unfortunate accident and nearly lost her. Scary stuff!

As for the remainder of our lives...they are just busy. birthday parties galore that never seem to end. trying to add in some summer fun and enjoy time as a family.....which seems impossible to score with our schedules and justin's work the way that it is this time of year !

Anyway, hope your summer is going great and for now....I suppose that I just have to keep mental memories of all we enjoy.....

do you ever find that you spend all of your time trying to capture the moments and end up missing some of the best stuff?

I have found this to be true so I have quit taking my camera everywhere I go and sometimes even leave my phone in the car and just focus on What we are doing! I find myself much less stressed...but with no pictures to hoard and promise to share but fail to ever do so!