Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Tangent!

Ok so I only have one thing i am going to gripe about.....

my running....well my lack of it! I have worked so hard to be able to run any distance that I desired on any given day.

  • i've ran smart

  • taken rest days

  • listened to my body

  • bought new shoes

  • took it easy when i would rather have gone for it

and where did all that smarts get me????

NOT running !!!!!! I am so frustrated that my durn heel/calf are NOT listening and cooperating. I know that it is just part of it. that everyone goes through hard times. I GET IT!!! but I am icing, resting, stretching 5+ times a day and holding for 1 minute each stretch.

And yet, I still have not gotten more than 2 work outs in in the last few weeks.

So, I know I need new shoes....apparently....ran without an insert and back to a week of rest and struggled out 15 smart minutes SAturday to not have run since....

So what will I do this weekend? Go the the special store and BUY new shoes...BUT my question is....how do I know what shoes to buy this time. I wore worn out New Balance when I began running and NEVER had a problem.....then I had a last minute but tested purchase of Reebok running shoes....started having trouble at 6 month mark with them and got these Asics that have served me well....and since Double decker.....no real running. I am am sad! I miss it, I miss my buddies that I run with. I miss that time. Dont' get me wrong, I am enjoying the sleeping in and not rising at 4 AM....but just 3 days a week....I yearned for that sleep deprivation and the endorphines that came with even a bad morning run!

I am stressed and tired and I know if I could jsut go for a run....my outlook would be little better, even just for a little while!!!

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