Monday, October 25, 2010

Just what all have we been doing?

well, it would take me a month to tell you in words so I will attempt in pictures and short narrative...

Basics....we have been busy around the Wade's house...who knew moving would be the slowest time of 2010 for us!!! Suppose we are just thankful to be able to be THIS busy always!!!
Go DAWGS!!! THE pose!!!!!
Famous JeeJee inspired pose! And fun with Jordan in the Junction this past weekend!
(thanks for machele for the pictures)
Laila won a Spirit Stick at the pep rally held at her school last month..
The must have pig hat from the farm!

The ...'I don't think I want to take anymore pictures, Mommy...face'!!!

a trip to Fiddlin Rooster Farm with our friends!

Fun i n the field while Daddy was working!!!

A birthday party for Kamri!!!

'inspecting' daddy's crop!!

Emma seriously LOL at Aunt JeeJee and Laila riding 'PeeWee' the horse...of course!

And Laila...AKA...Pig Pen for the day!!!! But she loved all that dust flying and running in the soft dirt of the field, can't you tell?

Obviously these are in no particular order....but hey, what can I say? We have been ont he go for weeks! Not to mention the fact that I was seriously sick for over a month and also in that time....we had my baby SIL Engagement party at my new house! Lots going on and lots to tell about....but the photo version will have to suffice...just no time for the details....but most of you already know them!
Hope your fall has been just as much fun!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Words of wisdom...

Last night I had to work late so Justin picked Laila up and she had an they scratched choir and he did great....looked in the bag and found the ear drops..but it was an old one and was empty....improvised and borrowed some from Ms Stephanie...which by Laila's report made it 'all better'

Hearing her account of what happened and how they took care of always a treat..

So she (in her most grown up mannerisms) says, Mommy I was just putting a new diaper on Rivers..just pretending she says....and that is when my ear started "hurden"....and then she says....'That is when I knew I had an ear CONFECTION!!' It is so hard not to laugh out loud...but if you do, she won't repeat it...and let's be serious...THAT is worth repeating!!! I must also add that she put her hand on her hip and cocked her head to the side when she made this report!

Girls are FUN!

Hope you have a great the way, I have lots of new pictures of recent....but I am not doing great at posting...Maybe an update with them all will come on Saturday! Who knows, it could happen!

Until then...