Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So WHAT Wednesday....

So I am jumping on the band wagon of So What Wednesday... because it is so something I would do. Here goes:

So what......

  • if I didn't even take the time to 'borrow' the so what logo from one of the blogs I am copying because I barely have time to blog a second much less make it creative

  • if my house looks like toys are us vomitted and I have lots of company coming on Friday night for SIL, Jena's wedding, my Maid O, AKA life savor is being sweet and coming on Thrusday instead of Monday!

  • if I happened to grab the hubby's ankel socks this morning instead of mine, and when Laila pointed it out, I didn't bother to go get different ones

  • i may have gotten up at 6:17 am rather than 5:45 when the alarm went off or at 5 when it went off for me to go get on the stationary bike.....give me a break - my foot hurts from running 5 days in a row

  • if I know better than to run that many days without a rest day

  • if I have to wear 4.5 inch heels on Friday night and Saturday at the wedding events.....i carry rainbows(flip flops) in my purse :)

  • if I run my heater in my office everyday of the summer because it is 10 below in my office otherwise

ok that is all i have got.

On different greatest friend H from columbus is at the doctor right now, likely deliverying in the waiting room cause she has been having contractions all night- that she cannot talk thruogh and had three during a 25 minute morning conversation with me- and as she said....they aren't lasting that a minute or 2!!! that girl has some serious pain tolerance. Cause she also is 4-5 cm!!!! YEP.....and never really felt the contractions that got her there! Anyway, can't wait to meet this littel guy. We have only been waiting like 7 really they have tried nearly that long! We are ready to meet him! What a lucky kid to have such fantastic parents! He just doesn't know how lucky he is!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shut up and Run

Beth at SUAR is hosting a give away to be chosen on 5/15 for some champion gear. I am talking about it here so I can enter in a chance to win some more champion gear. I love their sports bras as well as my newest love C9 running skirt! It is my survival for summer running so far!

So be sure to stop by and check beth out at SUAR and read all her funny stories....

But don't bother entering since I have this one wrapped, especially if no one else chances go WAY up! right?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double Decker 10K 2011

Ok so i really stink at posting pictures. I get that. I do have some great ones of Laila recently and i will post them but it wil likely be weekend before I am great enough to make that reality. I spent FOREVER last night trying to connect my garmin to the computer and study on my stats...I have only had my watch since January when I was trying for NOLA half and never connected first things first y'all! Yes this IS how busy my life has become but rather than complain I just try to get so invovled in it that I don't realize just how inept I am at taking care of details!

So, yes the post at hand....

I ran...

We all ran....

I would say we all had great times. All the folks I work with did great and were also able to reach their goals...go co-workers...

My running buddies all had great showings...

and yes, you ask....just how did you do? thanks for asking...

I reached my goal....had PR and was smiling when I crossed the finish line. I followed my plan from beginning to end. Ran hard early and saved the slow miles for the hard ones and still had push at the end! Great plan and worked great! I didn't have negative splits but I didn;t plan to....that wasn;t my plan....since the beginning was down hill and I accel there...the middle was rolling and at a few spots UP HILL all the WAY! but it truly was doable and not lots harder than what we run daily! So there you go...'hardest 10K in MS'

finished strong in 59:17!! i will take it!!!!

All of the area ladies that ran either 5k or 10K
christie, kristy, raven(back), mande, lynn(back), susan, dedee(back), and me