Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So WHAT Wednesday....

So I am jumping on the band wagon of So What Wednesday... because it is so something I would do. Here goes:

So what......

  • if I didn't even take the time to 'borrow' the so what logo from one of the blogs I am copying because I barely have time to blog a second much less make it creative

  • if my house looks like toys are us vomitted and I have lots of company coming on Friday night for SIL, Jena's wedding, my Maid O, AKA life savor is being sweet and coming on Thrusday instead of Monday!

  • if I happened to grab the hubby's ankel socks this morning instead of mine, and when Laila pointed it out, I didn't bother to go get different ones

  • i may have gotten up at 6:17 am rather than 5:45 when the alarm went off or at 5 when it went off for me to go get on the stationary bike.....give me a break - my foot hurts from running 5 days in a row

  • if I know better than to run that many days without a rest day

  • if I have to wear 4.5 inch heels on Friday night and Saturday at the wedding events.....i carry rainbows(flip flops) in my purse :)

  • if I run my heater in my office everyday of the summer because it is 10 below in my office otherwise

ok that is all i have got.

On different greatest friend H from columbus is at the doctor right now, likely deliverying in the waiting room cause she has been having contractions all night- that she cannot talk thruogh and had three during a 25 minute morning conversation with me- and as she said....they aren't lasting that a minute or 2!!! that girl has some serious pain tolerance. Cause she also is 4-5 cm!!!! YEP.....and never really felt the contractions that got her there! Anyway, can't wait to meet this littel guy. We have only been waiting like 7 really they have tried nearly that long! We are ready to meet him! What a lucky kid to have such fantastic parents! He just doesn't know how lucky he is!

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  1. Love the "so what" wednesday. I've never seen posts like that! Kind of a good idea... I just might be stealing that from you!

    and how fun that your friend is in labor! Hope the little guy got here safe and sound!