Sunday, August 8, 2010

The little engine that could!

Well...Boddock was a didn't make my time of 30 minutes or less....but after doing this race...well...

I am just proud to say I finished it....I didn't have to walk...and I did so in 33:30....yes three and half minutes longer than my goal....but was up hill ALL the way almost whole time...not up hill and down....but Up, Up, and Up!

Was great challenge for me though! Glad I did it...and Yes, I will do it again....and in less than 30 minutes.

I felt very much like the little engine that could in the first hill...which was in the first mile! And then in the second and third and fourth hills that followed...Soooo many that I lost count. These hill were unlike anything I have ever done before but again....great challenge and certainly an accomplishment to say I ran the whole thing.

So that is that! All the news I have for now....


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