Friday, September 3, 2010

Long weekends

Labor day weekend......ahhhhhhhhhhh..........a long weekend! Can't wait.

Today Laila is spending with her Mamaw and being spoiled up good. She'll be home by ten-ish just in time to head to bed and get ready for tomorrow.

I am going to take advantage of Justin and Laila both being gone...and go for a daylight run alone when I get home. Looking forward to it. Haven't set it into stone but think I am going to shoot for a long run and maybe get over some of the soreness I have from doing Insanity video Wednesday night and then running early Thursday good wow! needless to say, sitting down is slightly uncomfortable.

tomorrow...Laila and I will head out after we run our errands and take care of things......headed out to tailgate in good ole Starkville, MS and cheer up the Bulldog's in this season's opener. Aunt Jes and Emma Cate will be there, as well as Cobi lann and piper, Jack - our friend from tupelo and hopefully even more of our friends will stop in and play with us as we eat too much good food and have fun visiting! Looking forward. This is the first game that I have EVER gone to without it shall be interesting...but Laila and I go all the time, so what is a few million people?

Then Sunday we have kick off for Mission Friends at church Sunday night and then...

ahhhhh Monday......I hope that it is as peaceful as I am hoping for it to be! :)

Take care this weekend, and be safe. hope you all have a great peaceful long weekend...and if you have to be unlucky and work...I hope you make up for it later!

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