Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: things you want to do before the end of the year

#1 Loose the nagging 10-15 pounds that I continue to work at and FAIL at getting off...I am finally back on track as far as CONSISTENT exercise goes and not taking mini- AND extended vacations...from it...so it is the mini-binges that I go on every weekend and little 'event' that comes along.

#2 Finish all my projects I have going in the house! Like getting the cushion from aunt reva when she completes it for laundry room, clean out Laila's closet....yes I know we just moved in but her closet never got fully unpacked...

Complete hanging family pictures....which includes finding them. I had a great picture of Jessica, chuck, and Emma and I have saved it since they had this family photo done....still not located it...AND sadly I have seen it recently, just can't quite locate it to frame it now tha tI have a frame.

Plus get my brother's family together for a family picture so that I have an updated version of their family! Last family picture that wasn't a snap from christmas....was oakley leah and walt....seriously...I am three children short of it being complete!

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