Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This and THAT.....

I don't have any new pictures to post of Laila, or that are available for me to post at the moment..likely some new ones that you have not already seen. But she is up to lots lately. Like growing like a weed and growing up even faster. She comes up with new insights daily...

she is very 'into' new music...all versions...likel little brittany spears...not bad ones...but she loves the beat of hers....stuck like glue- sugarland...U-u Undo it...my all time favorite Carrie underwood....

She has started watching Full House and likes those 'gurls' on there...there is still dora..

Her nighttime prayers are so sweet...just this week...she has thanked God for everything from 'Christmas to her mommy daddy friends grandparents....toys...and then when she starts saying umm...she closes with ....and ALL the peoples! Love it...also love that she is so much better than me! After all isn't that my #1 Goal in life? To excell beyond that of me and Justin? Yep, think so!

She is enjoying Mission Friends and Choir at church lots even though she just began going.

This morning we were discussing that Friday is Pep Rally at her school...and what she would wear and do, etc...she is a HUGE planner like someone else I know...and so she starts out of the blue....asking...where is the band? WHat? I am trying to get dressed and she is all about the band...not a clue where she is going iwth this...and then she says...with frustration.....you know...the cheerleaders FOLLOW the band? So what about the band mommy? OOOHHHHH!! She is connecting this to the junction at MSU and we go watch the cheerleaders and players and band come through....have I mentioned...that she forgets NOTHING?

Around the house....

'we' are finishing up harvesting potatoes around our world and that means late nights working for daddy and nights where Laila and I just do our thing....last night was after 9 before justin got through. I know he hates days like that....you know when everything is busy and something tears up on equipment....no rest for a working man....in the summer and fall....but not to fret....he will make up for it this winter!

Finishing up projects with decorating and simultaneously make messes and still have to ever gotten the office in good shape...that is a task that just tires me thinking about it....especially at the end of the day! whew! Oh well, I have to do it at some point before it takes me over....I got it to a survivable state and that was where I ended! added to the to do list!

This week....choir, gymnastics.....GREY's anatomy season premier~!!!!! Yippie! friday I hope is a rest day and Saturday a MSU game day complete with lots of calories, company, and cheer! Hopefully we can make this week's trip with Daddy....so far....Laila and I made one day of tailgating and daddy made one night game without us....yep....must be Fall!

that is about all I got for the moment! Hope your Tuesday is great

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