Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have so many things to be thankful for....

I am sure that this will be an ongoing post, as I will post everything that comes to mind, mostly because of time...

so here it is...
Being saved by grace

My wonderful, just right for me, husband

My beautiful, smart and oh so fun daughter

All the rest of my family- immediate and extended

My job, the fact that I love it so much that..working even when so many are at home chilling out...that I am happy to be here!

My friends- so I have learned, those worth having...are there when you look like crap, feel like it too, and stand by you no matter what. they not only know you aren't perfect, but they also embrace your imperfections and stand by you anyway-

and for the time being....chocolate

yes I know that this is a random list but it also covers all most important cherished parts...I am sure there is lots more. But all I have time for at the moment!

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