Friday, December 2, 2011

In hospital ....28 weeks

Well this will be short post. Boring without pictures. I've been trying to take care of business around our house and keep up my rest feeling that a big slow down was headed my way withnthese twins....well boy did I underestimate!!!!

Had great trip to Disney....blessed with no complications . Rare contractions only.... And took meantime getting back into routine and rested.... Beginning Friday after thanksgiving I was noticing more contractions so I loaded fluids, and rested. Played it smart...and Saturday was pretty good day. Sunday evening saw more cntx and cautiously but went on into work money's...took very easy there...and Monday evening pretty resigned to needing a visit with my doc for reassurance was going to come before Thursday....took some of my tylenol #3 that evening to try and settle my angry uterus. Ultimately woke Tuesday with cntx without doing anything except moving from bed to couch with cup of I sent Laila to school with her daddy and i made the call to my doc. Luckily he was on call and told me to see him in th eoffice. I gathered a few items before leaving just in case I needed somone to pack them for me latte....really thinking I was just being myself an Dover preparing. I got dressed and headed the 1 hr. 15 minutes to his office. At office I arrived, hooked up to monitor an slow behold...cntx 3-5 minutes apart....still thinking it was just god slowing me down And letting me know I had arrived where i knew was coming.....but then he checked me....yep 1cm/70% effaced md one way ticket to labor and delivery. Alone bc I sent hubby on to his dentist appointment....telling him I was fine. I mAde the trip across out or to hospitl and that is where I have been since Tuesday around 11!

Lots of prayers answered....we have so far been able to stabilize for the most part and narrowly missed shaving to be transferred out to a level 3 far at least. Dr b didn't mix words or play. I've had magnesium and took looping time to settle my angry uterus down... Starting that on Tuesday evening and finally weaning down early morning hours Thursday....magnesium was difficult and taxing but in survived. Babies look good. Boy weighing in at 2# 7 oz. Girl weighing in at 2# 5 oz! Ohnyeah...never revealed that have I? Promise it's been on my listbof to do...but I've been busy trying to prep for what I knew was posting is all I have time for now.

Hopefully we will continue to settle....still having cntx every hr but so far they aren't changing mycervix....which means....we get to MAYBE go home cautiously on Saturday on pericardia by mouth.

So if you happen to read my ramblings....and you are a praying person....we sure could use all that we can get.....I'm 28 weeks 3 dys today and everyday that these tow monkey's stay in my tummy saves 3 in the NICU!!! According to doc.

I promise I'll try to post some exciting stuff in the coming weeks....Disney pics to come and more belly pics as they grow! But for time being check back and pass along to all of those you know and that love the lord!

We trust he is driving this bus and he is seeing through to healthy babies....preferably fat and ready to just be held, loved, and fed! God has been so good to us and saw us through a difficult pregnancy with contractions with's to doing it one more time. This road ian't easy but necessary And part of my story! It's all about the little things of my life...

Laila update....she's a strong big sis and is hanging with the grands and at school today likely telling all about mommy's special nbraxelets she studied while she was here yesterday and my IV...but if I'm lucky....hopefully she has forgotten all about dear old mom and just being 4!!! And playing her heart content!


  1. You are in my prayers! I'm pregnant with twins and in the hospital as well. My cervix is paper thin and they are unable to measure it. Hope your contractions calm downand you can go home soon.

  2. oh jenn!! ill gladly pray for you!!
    A BOY AND GIRL!!!! YAY. I know a little about that! :) REST and keep those babies happy. I'll keep checking back for updates.