Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Survivor Bentley---A duck's story"....continued!

Well...'Billy Lee' is still going strong on the pond as I suspected! And there were mysterious feathers around the ditch that the new kids had been previously hiding something caught up with some of the less resourceful guys. I do not have a full head count...but Justin says that some of them are still around. He thinks that two are missing at present...with the evidence...I think that likely they are in duck heaven!?

I did ask Justin what he was planning to do with this bad duck? He, of course, had a plan....his words " I think I am going to have to starve him out a little bit... so he will be hungry and will come eat for me...then I will catch him"... I knew he would have a plan!

As for "Mr. Big Shot"... he now resides at a local neighbor's pond...Perry Bailey...and yes he had permission to drop this little guy off! Here he has water and he can be KING of the hill! and after some long lonely days...he might just be happy to see a new guy...especially a new GIRL!

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