Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Morning time"

The view from my front porch!

It is unlikely that most of you will be interested in this post. But something I intend to do is to convert my blog into a memory book and this is something I enjoy more than words and wanted to speak about. For many reasons...

Our house has been a looooong dream that just recently came a reality. We spent years thinking, planning, and re-planning. Something that we obsessed about was the 'spot'. Looked and shopped and I could not imagine it turning out better than it did. Even though I was more than a little irritated when we flagged it off(complete with use of compass and many trips to the road and back to be sure that it was just right) AND the countless times we moved those flags....oh and them getting moved and re-DOING it! This is one of those times that I am proud that Justin is so OCD and miticulous! I was soooo over it...I would not have given as much attention to all the glory I give to my husband!

This isn't by any means the best morning I have seen, this isn't a great sunrise(and they are fantastic often), but rather the morning that I stopped and took a picture of what makes me so humble have waited and worked so hard to get here...I #1 feel incredibly blessed and #2 What a wonderful feeling to just finally take it all in!!!(after all the long days waiting and working to get here)

Most people don't appreciate living in the country. I don't think that I ever did growing up...I was just disgusted that I wasn't in town. But as an adult, who has lived a lot and been lots of places...all of that life...well I just enjoy waking up, walking in the living room and those big ole' doors just let it all in....and I try to always give thanks for the blessings I have....and to merely 'soak it up' every chance I get.

It is my sincere hope that I can instill this in Laila. I think that my parents taught me how to appreciate the little things in life, and I am thankful. I hope that I can pay that gift forward. Additionally, I can remember my papaw sitting on the porch swing overlooking his land and life's work....I think if I could ask him...that he would tell me...he was soaking up the day. I was NEVER a morning person until after having children...and justin would say I still am NOT...but I do really enjoy the quietness(once I drag out of the bed) of it, the peace in it, and the delight in the fact that...IF you rise early enough...there is time to savor the moment! And remember briefly that this IS the day that the Lord Hath MADE! All very simple things and thoughts....but certainly as I grow older...those little things are what I treasure the most...

unfortunately I rarely take the time to slow down and give attention to ANY of this...

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