Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy weekend...

As I thought about what to post and I thought about just what I have been doing...I realized...that I had a really busy weekend...but then I thought...seriously...ALL of my WEEKENDS are busy!

Then I came to a question I OFTEN want to ask of every person I meet....not to compare myself to others...because that is a DEAD end road for sure. But rather so that I don't feel as if I am the ONLY person that runs WIDE open 24 hours a day...never stopping, never slowing down. Even on the calmest, easiest going of days....I get dressed and by the time that is over...I literally feel like I just ran a marathon...which I cannot do. So saying this, says that I feel as thoguth I have accomplished the un-doable task! But yet I do it over and over and over again and in a million of different ways and scenerios. I am not sure that this blog will make sense to anyone..that is unless you also share this blunder!! But for those of you that do..WOW...

Let's see. This weekend Friday night is now a blurr and even as I type...I cannot recall quickly what exactly we did....Oh yes...finally came to me...I drove through a storm after having a record BAD day...and got home after going to Walmart at 6 o'clock-ish and getting in the WORST check out line(which I am famous for- at least in my mind)...picked up supper from Nancy's( a local resturant- my FAVORITE) and headed to my begin the 'putting up of 200 ears of corn'. Well supper was interesting..always is. Then we shucked a few ears...not even a bag and Laila hit the 'WALL' she was not herself and was apparently exhausted. Even admitting being tired. SO to bed I take her home! Then Saturday began with LOTS of corn and by 1-ish I was back to the house to eat lunch and put Laila down for a nap. Which I opted to take with her. 45 minutes in and I was up...making homeade ice cream and cleaning and getting ready for My great Aunt Ninny's 90th birthday party!! What a legacy that is! And she is very active....but for another time as well. Got all our clothes ready because I still have not found time to stop and iron everything in our closets. But Justin some clothes ready, despite the fact that he was flying and it didn't look like he would be making it with us! But just when you don't expect it...he lands and comes driving up side- ways ready to go with us and so I learned long ago...don't get hopes up but get him some clothes just in case he gets away and can join us.

Did I mention that Laila STILL felt horrible...but no signs or real illness...but certainly NOT herself! We get ready and the ice cream freezer FINALLY STOPS and I pull the dasher out, cleaning it off and making HUGE mess for sure but leaving it in the sink for later! I repack the freezer to preserve the frozen delight and we are OFF!!!!!!!! I say this in a funny way .....but I seriously FEEL like this! I am always running soooo much that I feel as if someone has opened the gate and released the bucking bull and me and Laila are just trying to hang on!

Anyway, the party was great and I got to see lots of people that I NEVER see. Like Ms. Lloyd and Mr. Jim (whose house I spent most of my childhood years at). Ms Becky Thomas( english teacher and local teaching legend)...and of course all my family and you would be bored to tears if I named them all!

So it was all worth it and I was only 5 minutes late...which I attributed to the stinking ice cream freezer! Seriously...with a box of rock salt it still takes an hour and half AT LEAST to freeze it solid! But worth the wait as well!

Anyway, party was great and food was better than that.

Then home as Laila wasn't feeling well and to bed and up again....for another race. Sunday I started getting ready 2 hours before I needed to and that was good idea because in Laila's ill-ness-like state....she had meltdown after meltdown and I was totally exhausted as I left the house....but turned out the be good because she either wore herself down or I just slowed down enough to cater to all her needs and the afternoon was great!

I met long time friends Lena and her son Garret, Kim and her daughter Annie Reese, and Aunt Jes and Emma Cate for lunch at Central Station Grill in Starkville....which is VERY kid friendly by the food came out first and was a cheap and good menu @ $4 meal for them! Anyway, Lena is expecting a new baby girl- Molly Claire next month and we were having a shower there to celebrate her upcoming arrival. Good food, good company, and lots of great gifts! After the shower, I went to Walmart with Laila...this was uneventful....and to husband's question of "Where does your money go?"....Walmart...I have been twice in two days! We got home...unloaded the car AGAIN...another thing that I am always doing but can't ever seem to tell that I did! Laila and her daddy fed the ducks..yes they are still living. It seems that all is settling down after the release! I began cooking supper. We ate, bathed Laila and to bed she went...since we skipped the nap! Despite her reluctance since she KNEW IT WAS NOT DARK OUTSIDE YET!

So wow...yet another wild and crazy weekend for the Wades...oh how I love summertime....and I always hated that it passed so fast as a child...but as a busy momma! I am glad it is only a few months...I am not sure I would survive it otherwise!

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