Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer 2010...a little back tracking

Here are a few things that we did this spring and summer that I would have blogged about but my schedule didn't allow that they have been rescued from the camera...I wanted to share, just what we had been up to!

"sand sliding" while they were bricking the house;
this shirt was never the same but she had a blast!

Bethleham Memorial with cousins Alaina, Oakley, and Brady
a rare occasion that they ALL agreed to stop and pose!

Laila, Ms. Misty, Ms. Domini, and Ms. Amanda
Gymnastics recital 2010

Look out Summer olympics 20??
(she got her glasses the next day)

Laila and Cobi Lann stretching and getting the game plan

Creative Learning Center Graduation from Ms. Amanda's 3 year old class
Most memorable moment is that Laila announced for Kamri to stop "turning around"
when asked why she yelled at her, she explained...'well mama, I could not SEE!'
......and everyone was aware!

(This summer has been lots of fun and very busy...and I have been working towards the move and then in the midst of it all summer. There were lots of things that happened during all this that I would have blogged about but I just now got computer recovered, high speed internet, and got my camera situation sorted through...there for a while I was technologyy impaired. I am still holding out for a new BIG fancy Rebel EOS digital camera...(just in case you talk with my husband) ...but with the new house...well big presents don't look good- knew I should have gotten that before. My old camera is working good but when there is another small baby in our will certainly not do. Takes great pictures but slow response time. Luckily Laila is cooperative enought that I am capturing most or she will re-pose for those missed...most of the time.)

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