Tuesday, July 27, 2010

simple pleasures

While i do not have a lot of time. I was looking for something earlier and crossed this picture of the girls from our beach trip in June....and with great intentions to blog about all of this and more...in good time.

This is one of my favorites. Just having them sitting down and quietly eating cookies listening to the waves- all clean and smelling good after fresh baths and still smelling a hint of 'sunscream' as Laila calls it! And boy I could go on and on about Laila-isms and how I hope she never stops saying stuff like that...

Ooooh, how I love summer, the beach, and my daughter...and an added bonus sharing with my neice Emma Cate.

this is simply stated... a simple pleasure of life! and what I look forward to daily...

Don't they look like angels?

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