Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Workout FAIL...

please please please tell me that you too have these weeks...you know...where you plan a run, you don't get to? You plan again, fail...you plan again and soemthing hurts????

Well that is where I am. I was planning for 6 miles in the hills on Saturday or Sunday in prep for this weekend's 10K in Oxford. I had really hoped for a good showing with times I was pleased with since I cannot run Gum Tree since it is the day of my sis in law's wedding. Well, this weekend a great time but a totally running fail.

I did manage to hit the road for a quick mile after work Friday, after a 5 miler Friday morning with the girls...so I wasn't too upset.

But Saturday was jam packed with egg hunting with my little one and just as we drove up at home....my hubby was hooked up to the boat and little Laila was going to be left....he had already asked her to go fishing before we left on the hunts...so she was READY...so that meant nap FAIL! but oh well, beautiful weather was a score!

Ended up having great time fishing with daddy and spending the day at some friends pond fishing...then ended up having a late night supper with lots of friends at one of their new houses and Laila was able to play with one of her buddies! Making memories is worth work out and nap fails!

But life crept in and reality set in that I was not going to be able to be present for easter bunny's arrival and watching Laila's face AND run too...so that meant morning run was out....then as the day crept on...the reality that my foot was more than a little ailing and I aborted plan for a run at all!!!

Full speed ahead to plan for Monday morning.. Woke up, stretched and BAM....reality...plantar fascititis is in FULL swing and MAD at me...so I texted the girls and bowed out.

SO this week's running has been plagued by ailing foot and this morning...bad weather!

But in good news the foot is enjoying the rest and hopefully it is all happening for a god reason and the showing I am able to put forth on Saturday will be a good one...learning to listen to your body and not what the mind wants..

plus trying to loose weight, I am just hopping on that good ole stationary bike that was donated by justin's grandmother when I destroyed my knee in 2008!! it is coming in very handy this week! Also forced me to do abs and arms and legs....so make up for missing my runs....

who knows....this might just turn out to be a work out sucess week...rather than THE FAIL that is feels like since there has been no running since the 6 total on FRiday!

Either way, I am registering today for Saturday's race and going out. I will finish the 6..also would not hurt to drive the route and see how I should plan to pace myself since I am fortunate to be able to do this....cause as I have been told...It is a KILLER!!!!!

I will be sure to update you all and own the time...my goal would be less than 1 hour and 5 minutes given the hills....I would be pleased with this time....anything better than this...well that would be gravy....but just depends on the foot...if it feels good....I WILL push myself as hard as I can!!!!!!

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