Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exercise during pregnancy

In hopes to pick things up back to at least the 3 days a week I was getting....I am putting my runs down. I hope to post more often than I have.


Treadmill warm up 5 minutes- ran 30 minutes @ 12 min/mile pace- then cooled down and stretched.

Tonight I hope to hit the treadmill when I get in even if only for a little while in hopes of getting on track again. WHile I can be active, I want to try to be- within reason of course.

Most days I feel so badly for neglecting my family becaue I have felt so bad....that I can't seem to bear hitting the tm for some selfish me I have missed some opportunities.

My Achilles is I hope that I can hit 4 times a week of activity for the next few months.

today ...I hope to run. It has been a day of on and off nausea that has been far more than it has I sure hope that it will get on out of the way today so I can sweat a little! and not just the i walked to my car sweat!

to be continued.......

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