Thursday, March 17, 2011

where oh where does the time go?

It seems as though all I post lately or EVER for that matter are catching up and then promises to catch up photos, etc. And I can't seem to get above water these days with blogging. I am good at lots, but not so great about blogging. Maybe if I got up at 4 AM when all was quiet and got online and posted...that would work....but all I can manage at 4 is to text my running buds, wait for anyone to reply so I am then accountable to get up and get dress and go running! I certainly don't see me getting up one second earlier and the days are already full and I go to bed with things left updone often, you know in order to get up..exercise...regain a little sanity and then get ready for the day.

I am certainly not complaining. I love my life. I don't always open-armed embrace the challenges and changes, but I love my life. I might enjoy like having a whole weekday off every now and then or hey, even weekly, but in reality that won't come until my child is grown and in college or soemthing like that! So for now, I just go with the flow, enjoy the moments and make promises about posting about it!

so what is going on now?

Weddings, weddings, oh yea, weddings, and then there are babies, babies, babies all around!

Some health scares with my daddy have had me all up in a tither for a while, but everything, THANK THE LORD, is checking out to be minor bumps and easy please pray this is how they continue to be as we get more and more test results back and continue to thank God yourselves daily of just how he blesses you! I know I sure do!

Back to weddings....

So my great friend SH from Jackson is getting hitched and is doing it in the fast..oh I bet there is a baby kind of way....but she isn't with the rest of my friends are it seems, but rather finally met him, they knew...and fast forward to me trying to keep up and catch up with her! And I will...a mere 7 hours from home at her wedding April 9th! Whew! SO excited for her and can't believe it is finally no matter the trip..not missing this one for anything on earth!

Then my baby sis-in-law is getting married on May 14th and there is SOOO much going on with that. Bachelorette party in Nashville this weekend, Lingerie shower at my house on april fools....or is it? JK...then church shower

then baby shower for our friends in Columbus but who are Cajun to the bone in mid-april...and what a joy it is to celebrate this precious baby's arrival!!

And somewhere in the mix, my newest nephew is going to make his arrival, mr Jack....something...A...and at the rate he is growing...well, he is in a hurry I am afraid, so it is a anytime game with this little man...

all the while...I am now on the mission to learn how to make a tutu flower girl dress, just in case, aunt jes decides to have a baby....and that has my feathers up in a tizz but I found a great site today with pics and I reserve the right to have fits, cry, and then ask for help if I can't do it alone....see I am NOT the creative one in any area I circulate...unless we like compare me to my husband and I think he might just me more creative than me! I am gene-less in that department!
not to mention it is supposed to look like this....sure hope Aunt jes is able to pull this one out for us!!!!!

and as I could seriously go on forever about all the joyful events that are upcoming and how the frequency adds a little can joyful such occassions make you sad or bring you down?

OR this for that matter?????
Laila loves to play dress up, and often times this just means...'summer clothes' which is fine and dandy when it isn't 12 degrees outside and she insists on wearing it to town or every other event....but especially interesting since she thinks that it is a great idea to wear last year's summer attire...and let's just isn't one of those years were late summer's clothes will 'FIT' for this spring's wardrobe...she has grown fast and LOTS of longer a baby...she is just a full out..KIDDO!

Anyway, hope you are all well and happy!

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