Monday, September 12, 2011

So it's Monday....

And I'm at home sick!

Tomorrow I will be 17 weeks.

Wight gain right on track per recommendations at 17 lbs.

Nausea finally gone it seems and then the crud bug decided to find me.

I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back so lord willing I can take something besides water to help me function.

Just checked the babies heart beats because I haven't done that in a while. Baby on to and to the left(my left) was ranging 130-160... Very strong sounding. Bby on bottom and to my right was 140-150's as well. Definitely sure that they were diferent and didn't have trouble finding them.

Next appointment is end of the month and isnwhen we see the specialist.

Jusrtin getting ready to start digging. Which is ALWAYS a busy time of year for us! He is gone and comes in DIRTY! Laila will miss him more than she normally does during this time of year because they have been spending so much time together with me being sick!

So funny how they spend most all of their moments with them all their lives....daddies can spend just a short quality time with them....all of the sudden...they are superman and you are toast! But for the time being....I'm glad that her daddy has been able to do for her....cause I sure have not been able until recently!

How have all of you been? Anyone else ever seen maternal fetal specialist? How was it?

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