Monday, January 17, 2011

Helloooooo World!

Yes I realize that it has been forever since I posted anything. See I got this awesome new camera from my hubby for christmas AND I finally got the pictures out of the thing last night. I had intended to lay down with Laila, then get up and finish all my have tos for out of town trip this week. Weeellll, let's just say that I didn't do anything past get her to sleep and shut my eyes...'for just a minute' only to wake at 3:30...AM....Yep, I slept a long little while! Being that I had tons NOT done....I got up at 3:45 and got after it. So while the pictures, all 456 from christmas and the SNOW....are now out of my camera, they still are not uploaded to my blogger, which means. I would love to show them to you, but it is likely going to be a while. Sorry guys! Anyway, so I have not posted because I have so many great pictures to share that I keep thinking I will do it. Well, I stink, I admit!!

So for now, I am just going to tell you all that. Tell you, christmas in the new house was AWESOME! That I got lots of great gadgets.

Like the camera that is waaay smarter than it's owner
Like a new Garmin Forerunner 405 watch for running....that I used when
I RAN 11!!!! MILES yesterday.(yes I just completely changed thoughts)
I ran 10 last week
8 the week before
and 6 prior to that. So I have gotten ALL of my Sunday long training runs in....and it is going well!

Yesterday I must say that My running bud and I ROCKED! Yes I realize that I am a goober for using that phrase....but what else do you say when you are bragging on yourself? I mean really? I can vividly remember when running 3 miles seemed IMPOSSIBLE....and now I am consistently running nearly 3-4 times that!
Times? well, soooo glad that you asked...been really slow 11-12 minute miles, but we have been happy to finish these and no injuries!

Last sunday we ran 10 miles in 2:01:14- and it was brutal. That was the day of the snow. So it was 18 degrees on the thermometer without the INSANE wind chill! It was brutal and rough. Struggled really hard the last 2 miles. AND this week....the 10th mile....well, we ran it in 10 minutes 14 seconds! Yep....fastest mile yet! Finished 11 miles in 2:09:xx! So our pace was faster and we ran an extra mile. that is good news.

So still on target for RnRHalf Marathon February 13th!!!!! Happy Valentines to me!!!!!!

Hope you are all well. I am working today even though it is a holiday....see our Neurologists didn't seem to mind that it was an official state holiday! No, really I was working anyway because I am leaving town in the morning!

Take care all and I will get some of the best photos up as soon as I can!


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