Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A perfect day

While I have had lots of great days of recent and LOTS going on for that matter. AND I did say that I would post Christmas pictures and snow pictures and basically blog about all of the things that we have been up to. Well, I haven't! I have literally been on the road 95% of the time for the past 2-3 weeks and I am wiped. I did retrieve the recent pictures from my new camera from it and saved to the computer, but I also have installed PhotoShop on my computer, which I should be pleased about....but instead I JUST HATE THE WAY it opens picture for me to sift through. Actually there is NO sifting and I HATE it so I am boycotting it and just not posting photos...Boo for you, because I am only going to bore you to tears with words without photos!

But to save myself from blogging suicide....not that anyone reads my blog anyway, but still last week, Laila stayed with my sis-in-law and neice while we were gone on a trip and she posted some great pictures of the girls. so there you go, saved by Aunt Jes....stroll on over to her blog and read/see all about their fun time!

But back to my perfect day. See we have been gone and despite the fact that this sounds all fun and restful! It ISN'T socializing is hard work and can wear you out! Granted we had a great time and visited with old friends and even made some new ones. I am wiped. So yesterday, we opted to head home a day early and got in last night. And since today was a scheduled day I was planning to be out and Laila had just gotten to Granna's yesterday afternoon, she wanted to stay with her after a visit with us. Soooo what does any working mama do with time off from work and child duty?????

You got it, I took a 40 minute bath last night. Read my book on my Kindle before bed. AND slept til 8:15. Got up, watched the Today show, which I love! And just laid around. I think I would have scratched the day and stayed home all day had Justin not been there asking? Are you not going in today? Are you going to wash some clothes while you sit? HOW on EARTH do you wash CLOTHES WHILE YOU SIT? Spoken like a man! Love him and he helps but seriously dude....when do I just sit. He finally backed off and I admitted that I should head on in and get ahead rather than stay behind from being gone so at 10:15 I hit the shower and as I was ready to exit. He says, 'wanna go to lunch' Why husband....I believe that I will. So we met in town for lunch at the new Mexican restuarant and had fabulous childless meal with one another. Also tacked onto the childless supper that we had last night at the Grill in Starkville, where we both went to college and lived for many years. So two weeks of travel together and two alone dates in less than 24 hours.

That is how you have a great DAY!!!!

Hope yours was great as well! Plus I plan to run about 5 miles while Laila is at choir this afternoon and that should make for a complete fantastic day! Especially since my running shoes are likely thinking I am cheating on them....not a foot into them since Sunday's 12 MILER!

Half marathon update!

Training is going great...have made every long run. This past week was 12 miles, in 2 hours 23 minutes and few seconds....but who cares.... I RAN without STOPPING p.e.r.i.o.d... TWELVE miles! And I must brag and say that I ran the last in mile #12 in 10:43!!! which is great since my average pace has been around 11:30-11:45. On target to finish RnR New Orleans in around 2 1/2 hours. Anything under 2:45 and I will be proud of. Anything NEAR 2:15....I will SHOUT about! All very possible. With running, you just have to take it as it comes. Some days are great, some days you suffer through. right now is time to rest the legs some and beging the 'taper' I laugh at saying that because just a little over a month ago....I really didn't understand what that meant....I read about it....but didn't get the lingo! Now 6 weeks into training for first half marathon...and I get it....getting to taper was hard work and resting before the big day is also great!

All in all....I have enjoyed training for first half marathon and I actually feel ready. I have listened to my body and skipped out on some shorter runs due to body fatigue and family and life happenings....but feel very ready to get out there and sweat and work for 13.1 miles come February 13th! And with all the COLD, check that FREEZING insanity weather....short of rain...I can handle and be prepared for any weather that comes our way! Watch out I come!

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