Thursday, January 27, 2011

attempting to do better

In attempts to do better, I got a new widget for the blog today! The daily mile. Not real sure yet how to add to it daily but adding it is certainly part of learning how! So bear with me.

As for last night's planned 5...well I struck out and was smoking only because I have been running half marathon pace for 6 weeks. Under 10 minute mile and then I was about to take a right on a regular corner, it was dark and I ran smack dab into a very sketchy character....he was turning down the road I was coming out I opted to hang a left and check things out while I ran back to my car...well, he also changed directions and followed me...soooo run aborted! Back to car, headed over to our church care center. Attempted and did run sprints on the court...but my knees are still suffering alittle from sunday's 12 mile run, so I decided I would run laps. HATED that, so I opted to do walking lunges, once down the court, I switched to walking squats, down the court with those and I opted to hit the free weights....I did 3 sets with 15 lb weights like this 15-12-10...jello arms were done! By then it was almost time to get my sweet girl, so I turned on the garmin to find that it worked to some degree inside....I ran until it got to one mile, which about another half mile only and hit the door~

so 5 miler ----FAIL!

but at least I was moving and burned some calories. today my body would agree that I 'worked out'! Guess that is all that matters! I didn't sit and eat something bad for me! :) Hope your thursday is fantastic!

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