Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So for th past two days my hair has been greasy. I am gross!


Because starting Saturday afternoon, my daughter started vomitting and having explosive diarrhea...right after a day out to lunch and running. She and I shared a coke at my Aunt's store...and the rest is history.

She got better late Sunday.....I came down with it yesterday morning...and right now is the first moment I have felt human!!!!!!!!!

I have managed to hold down 5 crackers, a coke, and half a piece of toast this morning! wooohooo! This has been the worst 36 hours I've had in a long time. My only wish is that Laila had not gotten it and just me. SHe loves to share though! Hope justin doesn't get it...because the whole ordeal is miserable....then you are too weak to hold your head up. One day when my child is all grown up and we don't have stuff like this. I will actually take a day off to just be at home....rather than rithig around in misery!

Do you ever get to just take a 'me' day?

Not me...it is always something that we have to do....once a year a vacation....and still end up exhausted returning to work. the rest are saved for child sickness. THis is the first time I have been this sick in I can't remember when. Back to the couch.........

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