Thursday, February 10, 2011

Countdown to ....ROCK and ROLL! is offically almost weekend of my very first half marathon! I have trained, it has gone well for the most part. I am 'sort of' babying an ailing right foot, but getting new shoes should fix this right up. Even though the new shoes stopped the progression, it is still talking back to me a little! Lots of stretching, some ice, and elevation and general TLC is my mainstay til Sunday!

In less than 3 short days...I will be a half marathoner!!!!!!! Yep, you heard it! I will no longer be saying, I want to run a half one day...I will be saying...I am a runner! I have completed a half marthon!

Shockingly too, so far I am not worried or nervous. Just ready, prepared and excited! As I know that the nerves will likely arrive, I am just looking enjoying the moment of having done the work and looking forward to the FINISH line!

So check back Monday for my very first Race review! I'll own up to what the garmin says when I cross that line. no matter the number! I will be smiling and happy that I am a finsher...while I have numbers of possibilies in my mind and have trained enough to know what I am capable of..I hope to be smart, run smart, but push myself to finish with the best time I am capable of! That is all the expectation that I have! with it being my is sure to be a presonal BEST!

Hope your weekends go as planned, so far the weather is shaping up to be FANTASTIC and I can't wait to have a great run. Last tow have been hard iwth illness and ailing foot! So with a great 12 miler just before those last two not so great runs....I am due a great run and with sunshine skies....I'm looking forward to enjoying running for at least 13.1 miles~!~!~!


  1. Hope you have a lot of fun, and your foot doesn't bother you.

  2. Good will do GREAT!!! I wish we could be there cheering you guys on! I can't wait to hear the end result of your race!!! love you!