Friday, January 13, 2012

What the wades have been doing?

Cash back to birth weight. Livy James gained another ounce last night and is over her birth weight.

Cash had rough feeding last night and his oxygen sats dropped into 80's...momma bear refused to leave until baby boy looked better...nurse called doctor ski....he ordered labs and cultures and restarted his IV and antibiotics. Today he was his sweet little self and fed pretty good at his bottle feeding attempt. Livy James sucked the whole bottle down...35 cc in 10 minutes...she only needed short breather in middle!

Can't wait to make the hour and 15 minute drive tomorrow!!!!

I will post pictures when i slow down long enough to sit at the lap top.

Our lives revolve around car rides to drop Laila off, pick her up, and visit our other two babies....I'm not complaining. God has blessed us with 3 children to watch over , comfort, protect, and love....that has to be a blessing even though I'm exhausted...

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