Thursday, May 30, 2013

I haven't posted in forever.
So that should speak volumes.
I read this blog post through another Twin mom I follow on IG.
She's a rock star for all she does daily.
I don't know her personally.
I have never utilized ANY social media, until I had twins...
I needed others input that were going through same stuff.
It helps me to feel more normal, less crazy, less loosing it.
But you don't have to have twins to be overwhelmed.
Being mama PEROID can and will do this.
I've had tough time lately.
This post I read, made me cry.
It's so true.
So I'm sharing it just in case you needed to hear it today, too!

Go read   'Stretched too Thin'. I think it's just the message/reminder I've been needing. 

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